Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hip Pain .... Again

Followup to this post was posted 1/25

Luckily it looks like my new hip pain will be resolved one way or another.

I've been on my 700 only two times this new year. But I plan on getting back to my normal three rides a week routine next week.

The following read is meant for my hip replacement brethren.

For the last two years I've done well, not perfect, with my hip replacements done back in late 2103. Just recently my right hip has been knocking me for a loop. A deep pain that has sidelined me for nearly two weeks has finally been diagnosed. It looks like the soft tissue around my new hip joint (the capsule) has gone through some calcification and recently I asked to much of my new joint (not cycling related) and thus the pain flair up. The calcification is believed to be due from tiny particles of bone debris in the soft tissue left behind from my hip replacement surgery. Just knowing what is going on deep within my hip was the start of making it better.


1st - A heavy dose of anti-inflammatory.

2nd - If needed, a cortisone injection.

3rd - The final option, a surgical removal of the offending tissue.

Already, after a loading dose of  anti-inflammatory I'm already feeling better...or maybe not. Give it time.

I plan on being back on my 700 early next week. Getting old can make life a little more challenging but my trike (and my beautiful wife) keep me going.

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