Trikes & Trikers

Last updated July 2015.  Scroll down for latest updates.

This page is devoted to pictures of trikes and trike riders. I'm just getting started on this page and there's a lot more to add to it.  I'll be adding more pictures on a regular basis in no particular order.

March 2014
Steve's Catrike 700. Steve is author of the Trike Asylum.
Visit his 700 page here.

2014 RAAM
Kyle Bryant atop his Catrike 700 completing the RAAM.
Visit his blog here and find out more about 
FARA (Fredreich's Ataxia Research Alliance)

Michael's ICE Vortex.
Visit his Vortex page here.

John Jackson's Catrike Expedition loaded for a tour across the country.
Visit his CGOAB journal here.

Jodi on her Catrike Road and Scott on his Catrike Expedition
and their faithful hound in his trailer.
Visit Jodi and Scott Wayland's CGOAB journals here.
You can also visit Scott's blog here.

World traveler Sylvia Halpern on her HP Velotechnik Scorpion.
Visit Sylvia here on her Facebook page.
Checkout her other adventures around the world here on her website.

Denise and her ICE VTX.
Visit Denise here at her blog "Wonky Woman on a Bent Trike, 
Life with MS, a service dog and a recumbent trike".

Glenn Frank on his Catrike Road riding the Tour de Cure in Long Beach.
You can catch Glenn here on Facebook

Anton Tasic's loaded ICE Sprint FS.
Visit Anton here at his CGOAB journal "Coast2Coats-Border2Border".


Fermin Camarena on his Catrike Expedition at the Redlands Classic.
Visit Fermin here on his Facebook page

Dave Cornthwaite touring on his ICE Sprint 26.
Visit Dave here at his website for all his past expeditions and projects.
Also his Facebook page here documents his 2014 tour.

Dan Zimmerman on his Catrike 700
Visit Dan here at his website "Spokes Fighting Strokes".
Follow his latest journey here CGOAB.
Dan's Spokes Fighting Strokes" Facebook here.
Dan "wants to raise awareness of HHT, the disease that killed his brother and mother and is present in Dan and his younger son. He also wants to raise awareness of stroke prevention and inspire other stroke survivors to fight back against the disease"

Catherine Brubaker standing by her Catrike 700
Visit her on Facebook page here.
She is currently (June 2014) with Dan Zimmerman on the
Spokes Fighting Strokes tour. CGOAB journal here.

Gary Havas is ready to take off from San Luis Obispo on his next expedition circumnavigating the Rockies on his Catrike Expedition. In 2012 Gary circumnavigated the Unites States. Checkout his latest CGOAB journal here.

Matt Galat sits on his Scorpion FS. In August of 2014 he begins his five year journey touring the planet. He is starting in China and plans to end his adventure in Los Angeles. Visit his Ja Yoe website here. Matt will be documenting his journey with his video camera. Also Steve at Trike Asylum has dedicated a page here to cover Matt's travels.

Ken Tripp prepares for his 500 mile charity ride with his Catrike Expedition starting Labor day 2014.
Visit his blog Cycling for Parkinsons here.

Graeme Willgress
Graeme's blog "Graeme Willgress - Round Britain Cyclist".
Graeme's Facebook Page

David Goldman
David's blog Cycle Route 66 Blog and his Cycle Route 66 website
David's  Facebook page
David riding a ICE Sprint 26


  1. Great page Mark! Your readers will enjoy seeing other trike pilots, and will love the hours they spend viewing all their websites. The more we all share this sort of thing, the more awareness comes to human powered recumbent tadpole trikes, and the more folks can enjoy cycling regardless of their physical condition. I am happy to see that you included Fermin Camarena on this page - I have met him at the first two Recumbent Cycle Conventions in southern California, and he is an inspiration! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Steve. I agree it's all about awareness.