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There's Always the Beach

Went to Foster Park to start a 20 mile round trip ride up to Ojai and enjoy a picnic lunch. After1-1/2 miles I found out that all the rain from last week was still having it's way with the creek crossing. Yep the path was closed. The creek was flowing over the bike path into the Ventura River.

DARN!! What should I do? I know, turn around and take the bike path to the beach. Managed to get a nice 18 mile ride on this excellent California day.
Thats me. I had my picnic lunch at a beachside campground. I was the only one there!

First Ride of the New Year

Wasn't much, but I took my first ride since by Back Surgery November 30th. Went a whopping nine miles. All the body parts are in good working order but a bit alot out of shape. Gotta start somewhere, so rack up 9 miles to start the new year off with a bang whimper. It'll get better.

Nothing like a nap after a "tough" ride.

Family Ride

This is an 11 mile ride that I take with Carrie and Byron around the neighborhood. It starts at our home in Agoura Hills, CA and goes through Westlake Village and Oak Park. We stay off the main streets when possible and just cruise. We may end up at Starbucks for awhile so Carrie can get a coffee fix and Byron and I can get some eats.

Map of my Family Ride on Google Maps