Friday, November 25, 2011

No Black Friday for Us-Gone Trik'n

Today was just way to beautiful of a day to end my ride. So...on the way back from my ride with Betzi I picked up Leili at the bottom of our hill and together we went to the local school to meet up with Byron. He had gone on ahead in his trike and was already at school working on his parkour/freerunning.


But first...
While everybody is filling the shopping malls the day after Thanksgiving I take off for a trike ride.
All it takes is a little push and I'm headed down our hill.

I love autumn!!

I ended up at the school with Leili and we played with Betzi while Byron went off to find obstacles to overcome. 
Leili and Betzi
Byron doing what Byron does

One last pole before calling it a day

I'll be 58 this December.  Having younger kids challenges me to stay fit. Eating right (kinda), exercise and having the right doctors to make repairs is important. I might not be able to keep up with my kids but at least I won't die trying.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Long Shadows of Fall

Autumn in Southern California is my favorite time to go cycling. There is nothing that can match a cool, crisp and sunny November day.

When I started my ride it was a sunny 37 degrees and by the time Betzi and I made it home it was 55 degrees and the sun did not let us down.

Post ride workout...taking in the sun with a cup of tea, dog and Leili behind the camera.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Why I Blog

This quote is from an active poster on a recumbent cycling forum in response to a poster who said that he didn't get blogging.

"Seems to me, these have to be desperately lonely people who are seeking solace in convincing themselves that someone out there actually gives a rat's patoot about their pathetic little lives."

My first thought about this comment is how ironic it is coming from a person who is actively posting their thoughts about life on an open forum. I guess this person feels that their life is an exception and is worth a "rat's patoot." 

In a follow up post the person quoted here confessed to having a bad day when these words of wisdom flowed through their keyboard. However it did leave me with asking myself...why do I blog?

When I entered the world of recumbent cycling I needed information. I found various personal journals, blogs and forums provided me with what I needed and wanted to know. By reading through the wealth of information I no longer felt like I was the only crazy person who wanted to ride a recumbent trike. I was not alone in this small but passionate niche known as recumbent cycling. Reading about the joys, trials and pains of other folks in my small new world of laid back cycling helped me to more appreciate my joys and accept my trials and pains.

I've been a private person all of life but I soon felt compelled to share what I knew and felt about recumbent cycling and to share some more personal parts of my life. I share with the hope that others may find some benefit from what I have to say just as I found benefit from what others have to say about their life. 

We are a social creature and each of us interacts with others in a way that is comfortable and meaningful. 

Blogging is just one way many ways to share information...information is the power to make thoughtful and educated decisions. It's up to each individual to decide what information is relevant and honest.

Information sharing at its finest - 30 recumbent trike and bike riders participate in the Cool Breeze Century 2011 Cool Breeze Century

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Future Cyclists - My Grandkids

My nemesis "age" is still playing tricks on me. My hip is a little sore from surgery two months ago so while I take it easy for a few days I'll take the time to showoff my grandkids. 

Here's my post from July, 2009 showing off my children. (My 5 Kids)

My daughter Jamie and her husband Matt just handed me the newest addition to our family.

Me with my new Granddaughter Olivia

Leili and Carrie join me
Byron with Olivia

Jamie and Matt


My son Danny and his wife Jill with Alyssa and Aadin.

Danny with Alyssa

Jill with Aadin


My son David and his new bride Emily join the family with Shanna, my new step Grandchild. 
David and Emily

Emily and Shanna

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trik'n and Free Running

It was a sunny day with morning temps in the high 40's and it was time to break away from our cozy fireplace and get outside. Byron and I took our dog Betzi on a short ride to the local school so Byron could do some free running while I played with Betzi and just enjoyed the day.
On our way to the school

Changing cycling shoes for free running shoes

Warm up wall jump

Bye bye Byron...hopping the face and disappearing onto the school grounds for more walls, posts and anything else that can be navigated.

Betzi and I just play around while Byron does his thing.