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Ojai Valley Trail

Great Day for a Ride!!!!
Cycling with my son Byron on the Ojai Valley Trail. Clear and cool autumn day. Flag by Purple Sky Flags

Sometimes the mind needs a rest from all that's happening around us.

Taking a break.

Picnic time.

Going Nowhere Fast

I wanted to get back on the road but it's raining. Instead it's just me in the garage with my radio and dog spinning to nowhere. The garage door is open and I'm watching my neighbors watering there lawn with their automatic sprinklers while the rain pours down. Where's my baseball bat?! Picture courtesy of my son Byron.

Been a Long Time

Haven't been cycling since early October.  I've been taking advantage of the cooler weather to get caught up on some projects at home. Time to get back on the road and suck fumes from all the SUV's. Gotta love California ...home of the clueless SUV soccer moms and truck driving investment brokers.

Betzi Likes Her Rides

The spoiled princess is back in her trailer at the top of the hill. I let her walk beside my trike as I grind up hills. Now it's time for a downhill chill on this cool September morning.

"LETS GO!!!!" "Yes dear."
Betzi gets to ride at least once a week. I made the mistake of figuring out how much weight I'm towing. Trailer loaded with K9 is a touch over 80 pounds. Now the darn thing seems heavy. Before I didn't really pay much attention. Oh's all fun.

700 Bling

New flag from & Dana at Bent Up Cycles added a little bling to my front tires... spokes with red nipples.

Another Ride with Betzi - Taking Shortcuts

Betzi is ready to go...

...and now the movie!!

Taking a Ride with Betzi

Riding with Betzi

Another ride with Betzi. She jumps right into her trailer when we go for a ride.
It's a steep climb to get home. So........Betzi walks instead of riding in her trailer. Good for her and better for me.
Getting there.
Home at last.

Trike and Bike

I took Betzi our for a quick spin with my trike. On the way up my hill to get home I let her out of the trailer so she could walk alongside.

When I got home I was all geared up and sweaty and ready to ride some more. I saw my new Bacchetta sitting there and took it out for a little ride. Due to bad gearing on my part I got stuck on the way the hill to my home. It's a 11% grade and it was the first time starting on a hill with a two wheel recumbent. I here all the stories about newbies starting on hills with a recumbent bike and thought about walking. I didn't want to do a code W (wimp) so I gave a firm push on the pedal and did fine. Wasn't exactly a straight line but it was good enough. I think that I may be starting to like being laid back on two wheels. But I'm still taking the Catrike 700 out tomorrow.

Recumbent Bicycle?

Yep....I picked up a used Bacchetta in unbelievable condition today. I just have to try a recumbent bike to see if there is anything I'm missing by not having a two wheeler in my stable. I picked it up for a good price. If I decide to stick with three wheels I'll sell it for what I paid. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Took it out for a ride and had a lot of fun. Enjoyed leaning into curves. I can see why folks get hooked on these things, but probably not me. I think I'm spoiled by the ease and fun of riding a recumbent trike. My Catrike Expedition is the family work horse and my Catrike 700 is simply too much fun. Maybe I'm just getting old and practical.
I haven't made my final decision yet but I am looking forward to taking my 700 out for a fast ride tomorrow.

47 mph Not Enough

Got the new 700 up to 47mph today and it feels like it can easily go over 50. I need to find some longer downhill stretches.

I could care less about going fast in any motorized contraption but it is still an adrenline rush when you can push speeds with the effort of your own muscles and a little gravity while your butt is only a few inches off the ground.

Failed Brake

I took my new Catrike 700 out for a maiden voyage. Rolled out of my garage and started down the hill. I got it up to 43 mph. After a quarter of a mile I had to slow down at the intersection. Immediately the braking noise from my right brake was deafening and the smell of a brake burning filled the air. Needless to say my maiden voyage in my new 700 lasted all of a quarter mile.
The brake pad had a slight rub before starting off. I thought that after a few stops it would wear in. Wear it in I did.
I don’t know if the pad was defective or seated poorly before my quarter mile run but this is how the pad looks now.
Replaced the pads and inspected the rotor. I'm not 100% sure about the rotor.
(7/6/10 update - Had to replace rotor because it was to deeply etched and it was still causing some problems. Working fine now.)

My New Catrike 700

Dana of Bent Up Cycles standing with Kate and Andres with my new Catrike 700. Dana spec'd this beautiful trike out for me before heading off for the RAAM (Race Across AMerica).

Who says a 56 old guy with a messed up back can't have fun?! Thanks Dana and crew!!

See more at BentRider Online

Quiet Memorial Day

It wasn't mush of a ride, just to the local school to let Betzi run. But we were all together and that's all that's  important. We usually spend a quiet day together on Memorial Day. This doesn't feel like a day for partying and drinking.

Betzi rides down in her trailer behind my trike. The ride down our hill is fun even though I take it a little slow with Betzi in tow at 20mph instead of the usual 40mph. The ride up the hill with her 37 pounds added to the load makes for good exercise and a slow 3mph grind and a couple of stops in the shade of a tree.

Another Fine Day OVT

Ojai Valley Trail

Ventura River from the OVT

Feels like spring. Cycled the Ojai Valley Trail today. Great ride.
The view from my trike overlooking the Ventura River from the Ojai Valley Trail.

Couldn't resist taking a break and cooling off my feet a bit.

Betzi's Trike Ride

Betzi takes her first trike ride.

My son Byron and yours truly took Betzi on her first ride in her carrier. We went to the local school parking lot and rode about three miles around in circles to see how the ole girl took to her little adventure. All went well. We'll be taking more rides together.

Great Day to Ride

Woke up to a sunny Sunday. Yeah, no rain. Lets go cycling!
The view from my trike. Getting ready to push off from the top of the hill where I live.
I get up to 35mph in a short distance before I have to slow down. Coming back up is 4mph. The ride back up was much easier with the granny gear I installed yesterday.

Granny Gear for Grandpa

Raining all day today so I took the time to change out my 30T chainwheel with a 24T. My lowest gear is now 18 gear inches verses the old 24 gear inches. Now that 11% grade back home won't be the spoiler to a good ride. There have been times that I have decided not to ride because of the lousy hill that I have to ride up just to get home.

There's Always the Beach

Went to Foster Park to start a 20 mile round trip ride up to Ojai and enjoy a picnic lunch. After1-1/2 miles I found out that all the rain from last week was still having it's way with the creek crossing. Yep the path was closed. The creek was flowing over the bike path into the Ventura River.

DARN!! What should I do? I know, turn around and take the bike path to the beach. Managed to get a nice 18 mile ride on this excellent California day.
Thats me. I had my picnic lunch at a beachside campground. I was the only one there!

First Ride of the New Year

Wasn't much, but I took my first ride since by Back Surgery November 30th. Went a whopping nine miles. All the body parts are in good working order but a bit alot out of shape. Gotta start somewhere, so rack up 9 miles to start the new year off with a bang whimper. It'll get better.

Nothing like a nap after a "tough" ride.

Family Ride

This is an 11 mile ride that I take with Carrie and Byron around the neighborhood. It starts at our home in Agoura Hills, CA and goes through Westlake Village and Oak Park. We stay off the main streets when possible and just cruise. We may end up at Starbucks for awhile so Carrie can get a coffee fix and Byron and I can get some eats.

Map of my Family Ride on Google Maps