Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Catrike

Catrike Expedition

I usually keep the the bags and panniers on. On family rides I'm the one carrying jackets, extra water, food and of course the picnic blanket. On local rides I'm always prepared to stop at a farmers market.

The bracket on the left is for GPS or any other cool electronic gizmo.

Delta Air Sound air bottle

Delta Air Sound Horn

Pepper spray
for the pup that shows its teeth
while coming my way.

Dual flag mounts.

I keep a DiNotte light on the trike at all times as a running light. Second lower bracket is for another light for night riding.


After - All lit up with DiNotte lights and alot of reflective tape.


Back From Back Surgery

I just turned 56 and this is what I end up with.

It’s been three weeks since undergoing a double micro, state of the art, surgery for my messed up back. It was worth spending the last two years finding the right doctor as well as trying non-invasive therapy, and taking a break from my back to repair my shoulder.
Not pretty but it's my reality.

I’m ready to start cycling again. I’m even good to go with hiking again. And I thought my hiking days were over. What could be better then cycling to a cool trail head and then put on the ole underused hiking boots and step into the backcountry.

My Catrike Expedition has served me well while I was figuring out what to do with my painful spinal column. Now that I’m fixed up and feeling young again I seriously considered getting back on two wheels, recumbent style. I even thought about a traditional diamond frame bike for all of ten minutes. After some serious consideration about riding a recumbent bike, and even bringing one home to try out for awhile, I decided to stick with riding in comfort on my trike. I came up with many reasons not to get back on two wheels. At the top of the list was the simple fact that sooner or later everyone takes a fall when riding two wheels. Last time I took a tumble on a bicycle I broke a rib and tore a shoulder. I was younger and healed without much to do. I am living proof that our boney infrastructure starts falling apart at the age of 50 and I’m now 56.

I’m sticking with a tadpole type trike. There is no way I would go 40mph down a hill on a bike. On a trike 40mph is cruising speed. So what if going up hill takes a little longer, at least I’m riding in comfort. There are many other good reasons to ride a good performance trike such as those made my Catrike. So, trikes it is.

It doesn’t matter what your cycling on just get out there and cycle.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hitting the Road 1969 Style

Came across this picture of yours truly from 1969. I was 15 years old then. Yep, I was a big fella back then. Not much bigger today just less hair. Alot less hair.

Yes kids there was color film when I was a teenager.

Nice socks stud !

I'm standing next to my road bike that I proudly build up from cheap parts. It served me well. My mom insisted on taking this picture as I was preparing to take another overnight ride up the coast highway from Los Angeles. When you ride the coast highway in southern California today make sure you have life insurance.

A recumbent bike sure would have been nice back then. I remember that hard leather seat like it was yesterday. Ouch!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


"There is no force more potent in the modern world then stupidity fueled by greed" Ed Abbey

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Morning Coffee Run

We're getting ready to take our morning run to get a cup of coffee while Byron and Leili and of course our pup Betzi are fast asleep. Actually, Carrie is the the coffee addict. I bring a thermos of green tea. It's only a ten mile round trip but there are some good elevation changes. We especially look forward to the last one third of a mile up a 11% grade to get back home!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It All Starts Here

It all starts here in Agoura Hills, California. My wife, my best buddy for life, and wonderful kids, both young and not so young, all surround me. So what the heck am I thinking? Why or how can I think someday wanting to leave those that I love so dearly for days or maybe weeks of sweating on a bent up contraption touring California and who knows where else? Well my plan to take off on any sort of extended ride is still a long way off. So maybe I don’t have to think much. Too much thinking can be a curse and too little can be dangerous. I do know that I not only seek adventure but as a father I crave knowledge and personal experiences that I can pass on to my kids and others who care to listen.

Carrie with Byron and Leili

My big boys Danny and David.

My girl Jamie.

For most of my life I hiked into the hills to think more clearly. Whether hiking locally or somewhere more distant, by myself or with my kids, I always imagined that I’d be hiking until my time here on Earth expired. My time here on Earth is far from over. There is alot that I still want to do and see. But I'm wearing out like an old clock. The medical profession has put my shoulder back together, twice removed torn cartilage from my knee and put the scalpel to my feet to put them back in good working order. Now my back has finally given out. I had no clue what to due until I was introduced to the world of bent up cycles better known as recumbent. I ended up at Bent Up Cycles in Van Nuys. Now I'm active again and ready to check out what I've been missing while talking to the animals.

In early May of 2009 Dana and Kate at Bent Up Cycles showed me what recumbent cycling is all about. Their knowledge of recumbent cycles put me at ease that I could transition from hiking to recumbent cycling. My ride of choice right now is a 2009 Catrike Expedition. It is a recumbent tadpole design trike. I could ride it all day and still party at the local Cantina at night.

I have given up the long (not the short) hikes into the backcountry of many beautiful places in California and the Southwest. Instead I’ll be cruising on my recumbent at an average of ten miles per hour on lesser roads and highways. I look forward to becoming more intimate with all the places that I've missed while speeding to a hiking destination. I look forward to experiencing life from a different prospective. In addition to taking short hikes on a wilderness trail to clear my head I will also be riding the paved streets of reality. I will enjoy all the bueaty that exists at the edge of the road as well as bemoan the havoc that we humans have caused upon our planet and thus upon ourself.

I am looking forward to sharing my discoveries, thoughts and diatribe with my family and friends through words and pictures.