Why I Blog

This quote is from an active poster on a recumbent cycling forum in response to a poster who said 

that he didn't get blogging.

"Seems to me, these have to be desperately lonely people who are seeking solace in convincing themselves that someone out there actually gives a rat's patoot about their pathetic little lives."

My first thought about this comment is how ironic it is coming from a person who is actively posting on an open forum their thoughts about life. I guess this person feels that their life is an exception and is worth a "rat's patoot." 

In a follow up post the person quoted here confessed to having a bad day when these words of wisdom flowed through their keyboard. However it did leave me with asking myself...why do I blog?

When I entered the world of recumbent cycling I needed information. I found various personal journals, blogs and forums that provided me with what I needed and wanted to know. By reading through the wealth of information I no longer felt like I was the only crazy person who wanted to ride a recumbent trike. I was not alone in this small but passionate niche known as recumbent cycling. Reading about the joys, trials and pains of other folks in my small new world of laid back cycling helped me to more appreciate my joys and accept my trials and pains.

I've been a private person all of life but I soon felt compelled to share what I knew and felt about recumbent cycling and to share some more personal parts of my life. I share with the hope that others may find some benefit from what I have to say just as I found benefit from what others have to say about their life. 

We are a social creature and each of us interacts with others in a way that is comfortable and meaningful. 

Blogging is just one of the many ways to share information. Information is the power to make thoughtful and educated decisions. It's up to each individual to decide what information is relevant and honest.

Information sharing at its finest - 30 recumbent trike and bike riders participate in the Cool Breeze Century 2011 Cool Breeze Century

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