Monday, May 23, 2016

Riding the Coast to Cayucos

Another ride along Hwy 1 to Cayucos from our new home in Cambria. I must have at least 20 rides planned out so far. I have a lot of exploring to do along the Central Coast and through wine country.

 One mile out from our home and headed south along the Coast Highway (Hwy 1). The uncompromising scenery starts from the moment I exit our driveway.

 A shot of Morro Bay. Another ride for another day.

 Headed into Cayucos. There is no shortage of cyclists that come this way.

Looking down Ocean Ave. in Cayucos for my meet up with Carrie. I'm trying to figure out which antique store Carrie is at. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pre-Ride Workout

The beach at San Simeon State Park.
At my usual 7am tea time it's usually just me sitting alone on a mile long stretch of Central Coast beach.

Tea time

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Riding Again

I can finally focus on riding again. The move to Cambria is complete and the last bit of trash left from the previous owner of our new abode has now been removed and I can think of riding.

I took a short ride from Cambria along Hwy 1 to Cayucos for a meet up with Carrie.

A quick stop along the coast.

After a short 13 miles from home I'm coming up on the small beach town of Cayucos.


Maybe a little more then a "bit of trash" removed from our new home.