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April Mileage Log

For me miles is all about the quality and not the quantity. It's also about a good climb that rewards me with a sweet downhill.


Over the last four years I have developed a love for recumbent cycling. Sitting a few inches off the ground on my recumbent trike while propelling myself forward using my own energy and determination is a fantastic feeling. It wasn't always this way.

My passion as a younger man was to hike endless hours in the hills wondering nowhere in particular. An occasional overnight backpack always rejuvenated me. In time the many miles on foot combined with many years in the construction business proved to be a little to much on my aging bones and joints. I turn 60 this year and I have had my body repaired six times over the last decade and in 2011 I added a heart attack to my list of momentary setbacks. The clicks, cracks and twangs of pain tell me more repairs are on the way but I won't sit still. 

Before the discovery of recumbent cycling I discovered a special kind of music that took my mind off an aging body. In the year 2000 I met Bill Neal (Elk Whistle-Bill Neal) while he was pe…

Today It's RTR Magazine

Yesterday while taking a break in the park I got caught up on Adventure Cyclist Magazine and today I'm catching up on the latest Recumbent and Tandem Rider (RTR) magazine. There's a well done review on HP Velotechnik's 26" Scorpion FS.

Catching Up On Adventure Cyclist


Peace of Mind

January of 2011 I dumped AAA and their anti-cycling lobby and joined theBetter World Club for auto roadside assistance as well as bicycle roadside assistance.  If I have a mechanical breakdown and Carrie is too far away to bail me out I have the peace of mind that I can call the Better World Cluband get a lift. If I'm somewhere without cell coverage then I would use my Spot Tracker to send a message to Carrie and she could call the BWC and give my location based on the Spot Tracker coordinates. I got it covered...not only for my peace of mind but Carrie's as well. 
The Better World Club advocates cycling so why would a cyclist be a member of AAA?

RTC Trail Link

RTC's (Rails to Trails Conservancy) TrailLink is a great way to find local trails and not so local trails.

Cycling is Good for Business

Posted 4/18/13 on RTC (rails-to-trails):
When a rock slide forced the closure of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park at mile 155 near the Paw Paw Tunnel in western Maryland, it was bad news for the local and interstate trail users. But it was also bad news for local businesses. This popular trail corridor, which attracts more than 4,700,000 visitors a year, is inextricably linked to the economies of the local communities. The opening of the towpath and its connection to the Great Allegheny Passage has been an enormous boost for the economy  with 64.4 percent of businesses reporting revenue increases "at least somewhat as a direct result of the trail."
Read more at "rails-to-trails"

Joy of the Ride Restored

After a hike on Monday and a nice ride today with Betzi along one of my regular short routes I got the traffic buzz out of my head and all is good again.

New vs Old 700

See Final Impression Catrike 700/20 May 19th 2013

Since my initial impression I've had enough time riding the new Catrike 700 with 20" wheels to be able to say...if I had it to do over again I would not spend the money to upgrade from the "old" 700/16 to the "new" 700/20.

Bottom line...I would without a doubt buy a new 700/20 if I didn't already own a 700/16. What I would not do is spend the money on upgrading from an 700/16 to a 700/20. Regardless, I'm having fun showing off and riding the 700 / 20!!
The 700/20 has some definite improvements over the 700/16. I like the 20" wheels allowing for more tire choices and the extra ground clearance, beyond that both trikes are equal in my mind. It would take some careful analysis to determine if one trike is faster or handles better then the other.

Traffic Buzz..Need a Break

There's about 20  miles of good riding I can do from home, beyond that (unless I want to go in circles) I have to include some roads that are less then inspirational. You know...roads with no bike lanes on crowded streets, three lane road that have been jammed into a road designed for two lanes and leaving a token bike lane that is half gutter and half pavement. On some of these less then desirable roads taking the lane is the only option to avoid getting squeezed, which of course doesn't always sit well with some of the yahoos who feel empowered behind the wheel of their one ton lethal weapon. Mind you I say some, most motorists tolerate me and are courteous.
I need to clear the traffic buzz from my brain and get a change of scenery that doesn't require constant vigilance. Time for a hike where I can hear the critters and the not cars. 
Hiking Cheeseboro Canyon's time to get out of town and visit the Ojai Trail for some quiet riding.

Spring Be Here

...and the triking be easy.

A stop at the duck pond to munch on some trail mix and to relax and take in the Spring day.
 Oak Canyon Community Park in Oak Park

Michael's New Vortex

Here's a beautiful new ICE Vortex that fellow bent rider Michael is still working on. His goal is a sub 30 pound trike. Check out more pictures and information at his Laid Back blog.

Chip Seal on Highway 1

The placement of chip seal on Highway 1 North of Cambria is a fine example of the unwillingness or inability of car-centric engineers to consider all forms of transportation when designing and repairing our highways. It's all about the car...except this time the weak minds responsible for the destruction of an iconic cycling route are getting a well deserved ear full from cyclists. 
In a previous post from last Tuesday (Central Coast Chip Seal) I discovered the unforgiving stuff. I'm optimistic that by this time next year the situation will be resolved and once again I can look forward to the pleasure of riding the Central Coast. 
Here's some more information and links:
Information from the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club Caltrans, in almost every respect a good friend to SLO county bicyclists, made a horrible mistake last October when they chip sealed 25 miles of Highway 1 from Cambria to the Monterey County line at a taxpayer cost of $2 million.
They have acknowledged their mi…

Central Coast Beach'n It

Started off Wednesday morning at 6:30 with my usual cup of tea at the beach and a mini cairn.
Ended up at Moonstone Beach later in the day.
With the nasty chip seal covering all parts North of Cambria (more on that later) my trike sat idle. Great for hanging the kids clothes to dry  ________________________ Thursday started off with morning rain and then it cleared up for another day at another beach.

Of course more cairns...don't ask why...I just like to... No. 1
No. 2
Leili and Byron  ____________________________ Today, Friday, last day to have my morning tea at the beach and...
and construct my final mini cairn. Now time to head home.

Central Coast Chip Seal

Started out my morning in Cambria at the beach with a cup o'tea and marking my territory with a cairn.

I headed out on my Catrike 700 at 9am and started riding North along Highway 1. WHAT WERE THEY SMOKING at Caltrans when they decided to resurface Highway 1 with chip seal. One of the most beautiful and popular rides along the California Coast has been destroyed by this coarse excuse for road maintenance. No consideration for cyclists just get it done cheap. Caltrans figured out that they screwed up big time and they are now in the process of trying to reverse some of the damage. Angry cyclists as well as motorists with cracked windshields from the loose chip seal rumble have voiced their disgust with the weak minds at Caltrans.
Before giving up on my northerly route I rode through a construction zone and managed to talk to a couple of the Caltrans crew. They admitted there has been much to say about the nasty new road surface and Caltrans is now trying to resurface some secti…

Central Coast Here We Come

Trike loaded and ready to travel to Cambria on the Central Coast.

Trike storage in the motel room at Fireside Inn, Cambria

Kids are happy to get away. Goofing after watching the sun set at Moonstone Beach.

Trike the coast tomorrow.