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OVT and the New Bridge

Carrie, Byron and I spent Memorial Day riding the Ojai Valley Trail (OVT) while Leili hung with friends. The OVT is my favorite place to ride with the family. The new bridge over San Antonio Creek adjacent to the Ventura river was completed in March of this year. We started at Foster Park and pedaled the 9 miles up to Ojai for lunch. The 9 miles back to Foster Park from Ojai is as easy and relaxing as it gets.

Our first look at the new bridge.
Byron checking out the bridge. It's a cool bridge and it's long enough to enjoy the ride over it's wood slats before exiting onto the other side of the trail.
Here's the old crossing. Byron is looking out onto the Ventura River from the old crossing over the San Antonio Creek. During the rainy season flooding would often close down this stretch of the OVT for days, if not weeks, after a rain. Taking  busy highway 33 to circumvent this part of the trail and get to Ojai is not a cycling friendly option. 
Carrie following me up the OVT…


Tunnels... doorways to beyond.

Cush for Her Tush

I wanted to give Betzi a little softer ride in her trailer. I folded up a old sleeping pad and put it underneath her soft doggy cushion on the floor of her trailer. No complaints from her majesty on our ride today so she must have enjoyed her renovated digs. I also keep the pressure low on her trailer tires to give her a softer ride.

Set Up for Summer

It's still spring but it feels like summer. Time to strip down for summer. Off with the panniers and fenders. I won't be needing the panniers to stuff layers of winter clothing as the day warms up...the weather is already comfortable in the morning and the sun is up early this time of year. The rain is history so I won't need the fenders to keep the rain soaked streets from getting me wet. Although I could have used them today when I ran over a packet of ketchup. Oh well...  My winter rig.

Tire Change

It was time to change out the old Schawlbe Marathon Racer for a new Schawlbe Marathon Plus Tour. The old tire had a little life left in it but the center of the tire was slick. When towing Betzi it would sometimes skip on hills. Even when it was new it didn't do well on dirt with a load.  I replaced the old tire with the new 26 x 1.75 Tour by Schwalbe. It has the same protection offered by the Marathon Plus but with more grip for off road riding. Tire size is still limited. Hopefully it will be available in a  20" size soon so I can replace the front tires where all the braking is done. There are some great dirt fire and service roads where I live. I want to start taking advantage of them.

The new Flat-less tire. A heavy-duty trekking tread for asphalt, or offroad allows this
versatile tire to always feel at home, whether in everyday use, or on long tours. The robust
structure is an effective damage defense that is twinned with SmartGuard, the most effective
puncture protecti…