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Muscle Cramps and Me

This post expands on my previous post Leg Cramps. If you don't want to read this lengthily post then go to the bottom of this post for my conclusion.
I don't consider muscle cramps in my legs a big problem...just an occasional nuisance brought on by certain conditions. Isolating those conditions and acting upon them to minimize or prevent cramps altogether is my goal. As I have mentioned previously I have only had a full blown cramp a couple of times while riding my 700. I've felt cramps starting to rear their ugly head a number of times and I reacted fast enough by slowing down and stretching while still clipped in (an advantage of riding a trike).
I have no intention on explaining muscle cramps because I am no expert. There is much information available on the subject. I found the information presented on Medicine Net on Muscle Cramps to be the most inclusive and informative. I want to take the information available and relate it to my own situation and the adjustments …


Back in August of 2010 when I bought a Bacchetta Giro (now sold) the gentlemen I bought it from gave me his CycleOps trainer at no extra cost. At the time I didn't realize what a deal I got. It was my plan to sell it right away to help pay for the Bacchetta but I held onto it and I'm glad I did. I use it whenever the weather is lousy or I'm recovering from repair to my body. Today was no was raining. 

Nutrition While Ridng

Since I started doing a little research on muscle cramps (which I'm still gather information on and will post later) I've started to think more about my nutrition needs while cycling which also plays an important role in preventing cramps while on the road. Unlike young cyclists who seem to be able to pull from some magical reserves from the nutrition gods I am not so lucky...I'm getting older and suffer from the complexities of age...I need food and I need it now!!
I'm 6'1", weight 190 lbs, and if you don't know by now I'm 58 years old. So far I've figured out what works for me ( "me" is the key word here) while riding my Expedition (usually with Betzi my dog) on a 75 degree day. I average 800 feet of elevation gain per every 10 miles. I'm not an ultra cyclist or some other sort of fine tuned athlete, far from it, I'm just a guy who likes to go for a fun ride 3 times a week when my body's not falling apart.
Here's what I…

Nice Ride No Cramp

It's been a little over a week since I've been on the trike. Taking a vacation takes it's toll on cycling time. It's good to be on the road again. It takes a few rides to get my mojo back after having a ride ending leg cramp back on April 1st (Leg Cramps.)  This is only my second ride since then. Every little twang or different feeling in my legs while riding makes me think "cramp". In the nearly three years that I've been riding a recumbent trike I can remember only having had two real full blown leg cramps and a couple that I managed to mitigate before they blew up on me. I shouldn't worry so much. Regardless it's still on my mind but I'll get past it with time. My research on the subject of muscle cramps and how it relates to my personal situation is interesting. On the 23rd I'll be visiting my doctor to once again review my blood work and to make sure it looks good relative to keeping my arteries free and clear. At that time I'll …

Scott Wayland's Perfect Little Tour

Scott Waylands Perfect Little Tour is what triken is all about. Four days on the road in the open space of California is all you need to clear out the cobwebs in your head.

Jodi, Django in his trailer, two Catrikes and Scott behind the camera.

Secure Them Water Bottles

This post is for Brian, a triker up in San Francisco, with a water bottle issue. In his lastest post (1.5 Month Break) Brian tells how he lost his water bottle, an experience I'm very familiar with. This is how I resolved "the water bottle issue".

I put two large o-rings from DiNotte Lighting together and the pictures tell the rest. Works perfect!

Leg Cramps

I know leg cramps and cycling are common but when a cramp hits me I feel alone and embarrassed that I can't handle the ride. There's no one good reason why at any given moment an individual gets a leg cramp. Generally cramps are caused my muscle fatigue, heavy exercise, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and certain medications.
I thought I had cramps under control. Not to be...while riding my 700 last Sunday my left hamstring cramped up on me after only 15 miles. So in typical fashion I have to analysis "why" I had a cramp after going so long without one.
This is not the first time that I've had a cramp while riding the 700. I can't remember ever getting a cramp while riding my Expedition usually with Betzi in tow. I stretch before and after rides. I drink plenty of fluids. I feel that I have my electrolyte balance under control. My energy drink of choice has a good balance of salt, potassium and magnesium but might be a little weak on calcium. I'v…