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Betzi - Time to Walk

The ride today was our usual 17 miles and 1,463 foot elevation gain. Cycling feels great on the hip but walking long distances is still a pain. "Bent up" is the way to go!!
We've come to our first hill and I just took Betzi out of her trailer. She's ready to walk.
Betzi is taking a water break after walking up the second hill. I'll put her back in the trailer for a nice downhill run. I only let her walk the hills in residential areas. On the busy streets she stays in the trailer and that's when I get my exercise as I grind up the hills on these main streets while pulling Betzi. It's all good.

My Thoughts on Recumbent Cycling

In two and a half years I've had shoulder surgery, lower and upper back surgery and now hip surgery. The thought of having to ride a traditional bicycle who's technology is over 100 years old causes me pain just to ponder the idea. 
Recumbent cycling isn't just about old farts like me who are falling apart and refuse to give up an active lifestyle. It's first and foremost about state of the art cycling that is not limited by the archaic rules of the UCI which governs bicycle racing today. 
On April 1st, 1934 recumbents were banned from racing in UCI sanctioned races. They had an unfair advantage due to their aerodynamic shape. They were simply to fast. As is human nature change is not easily accepted and rules were established that strictly defined the dimensions of a racing bicycle and thus the recumbent was destined to suffer many years in obscurity.

Photo above: Francis Faure breaking the world hour record in 1933. Photo from "Human Power" vol 11 no 3

All hu…

Short, Fast and Sweet Ride

I had a small window of time to take a ride this morning before having to move onto other activities for the day, so I took a short 10 mile ride on the 700. The old hip is recovering nicely. Even after having to stop at four red lights on the downhill I averaged 15 mph over 770 feet of elevation gain.  I had hip surgery April 7th and started riding on the road again May 11th. This is my 4th ride since Dr. T repaired my hip. After every ride I pay for it with a bit of increased hip pain that lasts for awhile. In the long haul it will pay off.
Riding without pulling Betzi in her trailer behind my Expedition feels like flying.

Sorry girl, I'll take you next week. Tomorrow it's just me and the 700 again.

On the Road Again

Today’s ride didn’t suffer the calamities of Wednesday’s ride, the first ride since I had hip surgery (First Ride with Repaired Hip).  I rode a modest 12 miles with a little over 900 feet of elevation gain. It was enough for me to determine that after five weeks of not riding, my aging infrastructure hasn’t deteriorated as much I though. Spinning in the garage probably helped. I woke up to rain and I submitted to the thought of not being able to ride today. I went back to sleep only to awake later to discover that the rain had moved on. Sure enough by 8:30 I was on the road with Betzi with scattered clouds dotting the clear blue sky and a cool breeze. The day turned out to be the nicest day of the year.
Short MUP through the park
As I came closer to the end of my ride I found myself going slower. I wasn't tired I just didn't want the ride to end. The weather was perfect and there was very little traffic. I even encountered some friendly drivers. Not wanting to push my recovery fr…

First Ride With Repaired Hip

It was a bad start to my first ride since my hip betrayed me on March 22nd. It’s been five weeks since arthroscopic hip surgery and it was time to stop spinning in the garage and hit the pavement. Ready to go with Betzi in her trailer...hold on not so fast!!

Before heading down the hill from home I took a quick ride up my street to make sure the trike was shifting properly after changing out the 24t granny with a 26t gear and installing a new chain. Long story short…I spent 20 minutes adjusting the front derailleur while all the time Leili was taking pictures and a video. The video I won’t post because I was using some colorful language.

I thought all was well and I headed down the hill. After focusing on the adjustment between the middle chainring and the low one I neglected to test the adjustment between the middle and high chainwheel. The derailleur was hitting on the chainring guard so I decided that I could do without the large chainring for this ride and kept going.
During the ri…

26t Granny Gear

Even though I said that I was going to stick with the 24t granny gear (Review of Grandpa's Granny Gear) I went ahead and put on the 26t granny gear.  I'm just getting plain ole bored waiting for my hip to get to the point where I can stop spinning in the garage and get out on the road. I also put a new chain on to accommodate the outward boom adjustment that should put less pressure on my old and battered hips.

As soon as I get back on the road I'll decide if the 26t gear makes shifting a little smoother without sacrificing the ability to climb steep kills with a heavy when towing Betzi.