Thursday, August 12, 2010

Riding with Betzi

Another ride with Betzi. She jumps right into her trailer when we go for a ride.

It's a steep climb to get home. So........Betzi walks instead of riding in her trailer.
Good for her and better for me.

Getting there.

Home at last.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trike and Bike

I took Betzi our for a quick spin with my trike. On the way up my hill to get home I let her out of the trailer so she could walk alongside.

When I got home I was all geared up and sweaty and ready to ride some more. I saw my new Bacchetta sitting there and took it out for a little ride. Due to bad gearing on my part I got stuck on the way the hill to my home. It's a 11% grade and it was the first time starting on a hill with a two wheel recumbent. I here all the stories about newbies starting on hills with a recumbent bike and thought about walking. I didn't want to do a code W (wimp) so I gave a firm push on the pedal and did fine. Wasn't exactly a straight line but it was good enough. I think that I may be starting to like being laid back on two wheels. But I'm still taking the Catrike 700 out tomorrow.