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Mileage for May

Here's where I be in the numbers game. 

Betzi's Ride on Video

I'm curious as to what Betzi is doing back in her trailer while I'm grinding away towing her big butt. So I set up the video and took off on one off our regular rides.

The results:

Climbing With the 700

My regular rides from home always include climbing. My average gain per mile since the beginning of the year is 87 feet. Today's ride was not much different other then taking some pictures of this perfect day. I road a little over 17 miles and the total gain was 1,658 feet, making this ride an average gain per mile of 96 feet. All this climbing means some nice downhill runs!! On long climbs I get into a zone, listen to music and do a little daydreaming all while keeping an I on my mirror,

Bicycles Bring Business

Before retiring from commercial real estate development I spend many nights at public meetings with planning commissions and city councils. I don't miss those days but maybe it's time to get back to my local City Hall and address some of the lousy infrastructure "improvements" that the City has recently undertaken that treat bicycles as worthy of a token bicycle lane...if even that.
If you want the folks at City Hall to listen, especially about making an investment in human powered transportation, the discussion of safety has to come secondary to the all mighty dollar. Promoting the economic value of cycling might get some attention at City Hall. In the end the safety of cyclists also gets addressed but not without talking money first.

Here's a helpful article in  Momentum Magazine (How Bicycles Bring Business) that addresses the issue of economics and cycling.

A couple of excerpts:

"In the minds of many business owners, though, there’s still a direct correlat…

Final Impression Catrike 700/20

I take back what I said in an earlier post in April (New vs Old 700). The more I ride the new 700 (350 miles to be exact) the more I love this thing. Everything about it feels so right. Every ride is a joy. It's a firm ride like the old 700 and not for everyone but the mesh seat takes up just enough of the shock without robbing power output or taking away that sports car feeling. As with all the Catrikes the direct steering can be hard to get use to if your a white knuckled rider. I personally find feeling the road through the direct steering a big advantage over indirect steering...the feel of a Ferrari vs a Cadillac, you choose.
I've become very fond of the new ergonomics of the seating position as well as the extra ground clearance. I'm finding that the extra clearance has not affected the renowned  handling of the 700 line. Unlike the old 700 the new 700 broadcasts when it's reaching it's limit and the inboard wheel is getting ready to come off the ground on a…

HWY 1 Chip Seal Update

Update on the chip seal fiasco on Highway 1 along the Central Coast (my April 6th post regarding the chip seal).

From the geniuses at Caltrans:
TEST ROLLING UPDATE: Caltrans and the University of California, Davis have suspended test rolling on a 1,000-foot shoulder section of Highway 1 just north of Cambria. The level of smoothing Caltrans had hoped for was not achieved and it is not cost effective to continue with the test rolling. Next, the research partnership will apply test treatments to a section of State Route 198 in Monterey County which underwent the same chip seal resurfacing last year.  This effort will include bicyclists from San Luis Obispo County who will help provide input after riding on roadway test sections.  It is our hope that results from this effort will be used to improve bicycle ride conditions on Highway 1 and the Caltrans chip seal program statewide. 

Here's more from the local newspaper The Cambrian May 8th. If you plan on riding this section of the coast …


Fun to watch and makes you want to get out and start cranking pedals.

Caca Strina's SheBiker Blog. You'll have to translate from Portuguese.

Beat the Heat on My 700

The heat is threatening, it's a spring day but it"s acting like summer with temps headed for the high 90s. I'm on the road by 7:30AM and back before 9:00AM after a short 15 mile ride and 1400' gain. 
This is the kind of day when riding the 700 is an absolute pleasure, fast and fun and back home before the heat kicks in. 

Betzi Standing Guard

When the ole girl hears that wonderful sound that only synthetic cycling shorts can make she comes upstairs and stations herself at the door. She let's it be known that she expects to go with me or I ain't getting out.

Titanium Cup

Not all water drinking fountains are created equal. When my water bottle can't successfully negotiate the drinking fountain I break out my handy dandy light weight titanium cup.

Another Day...

...Another Ride with Betzi.

Our routine two to three times a week. Sundays, and an occasional Friday, are my day to go solo on the 700 but the rest of the time it's usually the ole girl and me.

Top 20 Bike Friendly Cities

Just released by Copenhagenize Design  Co. The Top Twenty Bike Friendly Cities. No American cities in the top 20...oh well. Read here what the Business Insider has to say about What Americans Don't Get About Cycling.

Chain Line

I've messed around with the chain line on my Expedition and 700 long enough to know what I like. The driving reason for eliminating as much tube as possible is the ease of repair. Chain repair or replacement doesn't happen often but when it does the tubes make working with the chain a bear. Once I had a chain break while on a ride, threading the chain back through the tubes while swearing at the sun beating on my head was a dirty and tedious affair. I find it easier to repair, clean and inspect the chain without the tubes in the way. Under normal sober riding conditions I never get tagged by grease.
Expedition I put a patch of tough rubber self adhering tread material on top of the crossbar to protect against chain slap.  When under tension the drive chain has plenty of room.
I added a Terracycle return idler. A portion of bottom tube is necessary to guide the return chain under the crossbar. I attach the tube to the crossbar with two DiNotte large O rings and a zip tie. The o…


How bike friendly is your State and where does it fit in?
Rankings from the League of American Bicyclists
(Thanks to Rails To Trails for providing the State Ranking link.)

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Floating Cycle Roundabout

 Awesome Floating Cycle Roundabout  in the Netherlands. What...did you expect it to be built in the United States? 

The complete story here.