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Ojai Valley Trail

Great Day for a Ride!!!!
Cycling with my son Byron on the Ojai Valley Trail. Clear and cool autumn day. Flag by Purple Sky Flags

Sometimes the mind needs a rest from all that's happening around us.

Taking a break.

Picnic time.

Going Nowhere Fast

I wanted to get back on the road but it's raining. Instead it's just me in the garage with my radio and dog spinning to nowhere. The garage door is open and I'm watching my neighbors watering there lawn with their automatic sprinklers while the rain pours down. Where's my baseball bat?! Picture courtesy of my son Byron.

Been a Long Time

Haven't been cycling since early October.  I've been taking advantage of the cooler weather to get caught up on some projects at home. Time to get back on the road and suck fumes from all the SUV's. Gotta love California ...home of the clueless SUV soccer moms and truck driving investment brokers.