Sunday, October 20, 2019

E8000 with Integrated Light

Let me start by saying that integrating a light into the Shimano E8000 reduces the power assist range of the battery. Let me explain...

I originally ordered my ICE Sprint FS E8000 with the integrated Edelux light. It's tied into the E8000  battery and is operated via the E6100 display. The problem...the firmware of the E8000 gives priority to the light. Why is this a problem? The battery indicator on the display shows 5 bars when the battery is fully charge. Not to long ago I was riding up a substantial hill and my battery indicator went from 2 bars remaining down to 1 bar. Fine...I thought I had 20% of battery life to get me over the hill and home. NOT. A few seconds after the display showed only 1 bar the motor shut down and I was on my own. Remember that light priority thing I just mentioned? Well the firmware allocated the last 20% of battery to the light and shut down the motor. Even turning the light off didn't solve the problem. 

Easy fix. Using Shimano's E Tube app for iPhone and Android (see  my post E8000 Customizing via Bluetooth) you can disconnect the light from the system. And then remove the light by taking the access cover of the motor off and undo the light wires (pic below). You'll have to use a light with its own battery that is independent of the E8000 system. Without the integrated light the motor now utilizes the entire battery range.

The two silver screws hold the light wires in place. The larger black and white wires are for the front light. The smaller black and red wires are for a rear light that proved to be useless as a daytime light and the connection wires on the light kept falling off.

It would be nice if the firmware allowed the user to decide whether or not to prioritize the light. But it doesn't. So here is what you can do, when the display is connected to the E Tube app on your phone (or Pad) choose Customize then select Drive Unit and on the final screen you'll see Light connection. Decide if you want the light connected or not.

iPhone screen shot

iPhone screen shot

iPhone screen shot

I now use my old DiNotte light with its battery on the boom.  It's a great daytime running light.
BTW if you choose the integrated Edeluz light it's excellent for night riding but it's useless as a  daytime running light because of the way the light casts its beam. However when I was using it I cut a piece of frosted plastic film and put it on the lens to diffuse the light for daytime running. It worked well.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

E8000 Customizing via Bluetooth for E6100 Display

As always ICE costumer service goes the extra distance to make sure it's costumers are taken care of. Neil at ICE Trikes put together a quick video for me (not on YouTube) showing how to connect Shimano's E TUBE app with the E6100 display for the Steps E8000 via Bluetooth on your iPhone or Android. Doing so allows for customization and updating of the E-Assist.

My display doesn't have a Bluetooth sync on it's menu so I wasn't sure if Shimano's E TUBE app could be connected to the Shimano Steps E8000. In the video Neil walks me through the process of customizing the assist settings on my E8000. Also the E TUBE app can check for firmware updates. The app also allows me to make minor adjustments to the odometer to allow for different tire sizes. The E TUBE app also connects with Shimano's Di2 electronic shifter.

Many thanks to Neil at ICE Trikes for all the help. E-Assist is new to me so this was not the first question he has answered for me and it probably won't be the last. 

I'm have just shy of 1,000 miles on my ICE Sprint FS E8000 and it's been a game changer for me. More  rides, longer rides, flat hills and more fun. And now knowing how to customize the e-assist's all good.