Friday, June 24, 2022

San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club

Another Bicycle Club as chosen to ignore recumbent cyclists. For whatever reason we ride recumbents, in particular recumbent trikes, we are still cyclists. It seems that able bodied cyclists on traditional bicycles is still the unwritten rule at bicycle clubs. 

email to SLOBC

Dear Board,

I joined back in 2016 when it seemed like the ranks of the SLOBC included recumbent cyclists. Lately I haven't seen anything on social media or in your news letters that even suggests that recumbent cyclists exist at the SLOBC. Has the SLOBC gone the way of other bicycle clubs and are only interested in traditional bicycles and able-bodied cyclists?
As a recumbent cyclist I see no reason to renew my membership when it expires.


Thursday, May 5, 2022

Golden Gate Bridge

I've lived in California all of my 68 years and I've been to San Fransisco countless times and I decided it was about time to take a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and up into the Marin Headlands. 

Perfect day for a ride. I started at the coast and rode through Golden Gate Park and then to the bridge kinda following the Adventure Cycling route. 

View from South side of the Golden Gate. Fort Point sits below the bridge.

Easy going on weekdays. Very little bike and pedestrian traffic.
On weekends the pathway would be jammed with all sorts of characters taking pictures.
Riding the east side of the bridge. The west side was closed due to construction. 

View from Marin Headlands, north side of the bridge.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Vibration Sensor Alarm

Locking up a trike is usually more involved than locking up a traditional bike. And sometimes there is nothing to lock it to. I'm almost always in earshot of my trike so I added a vibration sensor alarm to my trike.

I'm not endorsing any particular product. I like the peace of mind a vibration sensor alarm gives me. When going into a store, taking a short walk on a trail and going to a restroom I set the alarm. 

Mounted behind my seat

WSDCAM vibration alarm $25.00
I haven't had it long enough to make
any comment about quality.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Back to the Central Coast

Carrie and I spent a few days back on the Central Coast. I planned the short trip around the weather and it didn't disappoint. 
I spent one day riding HWY 1 between Cambria and Ragged Point. 
Also on my Instagram Crazy_On_Three


Monday, January 3, 2022

My Personal Ride Log Summary

I started riding trikes in 2009. I started keeping riding Logs in 2013 when it became clear that I was hooked for the long term. I like having the information a Log provides. I just turned 68 and a Log helps me to understand how well or shitty I'm doing as the years pile on. 

Between 2009 and 2012, before I started my Log keeping, I figure I rode a total of about 4,000 miles. Most of those miles involved climbing similar to 2013 and most rides included towing all 50 lbs of my dog Betzi. So it seems like my total gain for those years would about 300,000.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Tire Speed

Tire Speed and Weight (Updated January 2022)

With the tires I have laying around, and a some new ones I decided to figure out which tire combination is the fasted. Over the course of a few rides I came up with the results. 

No science involved here, just going downhill and keeping track of the downhill speeds when weather and road conditions seemed to be about same for each ride I measured. 

Max speed measured on ICE Sprint FS E8000 with max pressure in tires, no breeze and Panniers. Fastest and slowest speed have been eliminated. 

It seems like the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 42/559 (26 x 1.60) on the rear makes the difference between fast and not so fast. It's too bad Schwalbe no longer makes a 406 (20") tire. The Supreme is an expensive tire but I feel it is one of their best tires.

Note; I posted on this subject back in January and July. This post is inclusive of those two posts.The last tire addition is a Schwalbe Big Ben 55/559 at the bottom of the list.

Note; I currently use the standard mesh seat
not the Ergo-Luxe you see in the picture.

Front tires and Back Tire

Schwalbe 406 Marathon Green Guard  and  Schwalbe 559 Marathon Supreme

40/406 - 530g   1.16 lbs

40/406 - 530g   1.16 lbs

42/559 - 440g   0.93 lbs

Total    1,500g  3.25lbs

Speed Average: 38.8

Speeds: 38.9, 38.5, 40.8, 38.1, 39.9, 38.1


Schwalbe 406 Marathon Racer  and  Schwalbe 559 Marathon Supreme

40/406 - 340g   0.75 lbs

40/406 - 340g   0.75 lbs

42/559 - 440g   0.93 lbs

Total    1,120g  2.43lbs

Speed Average: 38.6 mph

Speeds: 40.838.1, 38.5, 38.5, 38.1, 39.4


Continental 406 Contact (E25)  and  Schwalbe 559 Marathon Supreme

37/406 - 420g   0.93 lbs

37/406 - 420g   0.93 lbs

42/559 - 440g   0.97 lbs

Total     1,280g  2.83 lbs

Speed Average: 38.2 mph

Speeds: 36.5, 38.2, 39.4, 38.7, 37.8, 38.0


Schwalbe 406 Marathon Plus  and  Schwalbe 559 Marathon Plus

35/406 - 560g   1.23 lbs

35/406 - 560g   1.23 lbs

40/559 - 870g   1.90 lbs 

Total    1,990g  4.36 lbs

Speed Average: 36.5 mph

Speeds: 37.1, 35.8, 36.8, 36.537.8


Schwalbe 406 Marathon Green Guard  and  Schwalbe 559 Big Ben (added December 2021)

40/406 - 530g   1.16 lbs

40/406 - 530g   1.16 lbs

55/559 - 760g   1.68 lbs  (Race Guard)

Total    1,820g  4.00lbs

Speed Average: 35.5 mph

Speeds: 35.7, 35.3, 34.9, 36.0, 35.5, 35.3


Schwalbe 406 Marathon Green Guard  and  Schwalbe 559 Marathon Green Guard 

40/406 - 530g   1.16 lbs

40/406 - 530g   1.16 lbs

47/559 - 875g   1.93 lbs

Total    1,935g  4.25lbs

Speed Average: 35.3 mph (Only one ride so far) 

Speeds: 35.3


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Shoulder Surgery

This time my left shoulder got a repair job. My right shoulder was repaired in 2008.

 October 20th
Carrie dropping me off. She can't come in because of COVID protocol.

I'm getting used to structural repairs.
(repair list here)

October 23rd
Bandage removal, nasty!
Nice to be married to a retired nurse.

Not so bad. Only five holes.

November 24th
Arthroscopic holes healed up

"Popeye" muscle after surgery on left arm.
A cosmetic deformity that can occur after a Tenodesis. The bicep tends to bunch up because the damaged section of the long head bicep tendon is cut and the shorten tendon is relocated from the Glenoid and reattaches lower down to the Humerus. 

Normal muscle right arm.

The details;

1. Rotator cuff repair

2. Bicep tenodesis (reallocation of bicep tendon)

3. Munford procedure

4. Debridement labrum

5. Decompression paralabral cyst

Where and who;

1. Southern California Orthopedic Institute (SCOI)

2. Dr. Mark Getelman

At home care provided by nurse Carrie, my beautiful wife.