Monday, September 24, 2018

Finer Recliner for Catrike

A new Finer Recliner headrest on my Catrike Expedition from T-Cycle. I use the medium density memory foam version. Super comfortable for use on my Expedition. 

The Finer Recliner with it's Catrike specific brackets (silver) on the existing Catrike headrest mount. The Catrike brackets are a nice T-Cycle upgrade.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

New Records from Battle Mountain 2018

IHPVA Arm Powered World Speed Record 2018-University of Liverpool's Arion 4
 Ken Talbot - Men's Arm Powered 51.58mph (83.02kph)
Karen Darke - Women's Arm Powered 46.54mph (74.91kph)

IHPVA Junior Multi-Track World Speed Record 2018 - 60.94mph (98.08kph)
Ishtey Amminger

All WHPSC results from Battle Mountain here.