Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ICE Sprint X-Spec

I may be busy getting ready to move to California's Central Coast. But I'm not too busy to shop.

I went to visit Dana at Bent Up Cycles and while there I checked out the ICE Sprint X-Spec. The Central Coast is the arguably one of the most beautiful places ride. Both along the coast and inland through wine country the riding is second to none.  But the roads are a little rougher then what I'm use to in Agoura Hills and neighboring Thousand Oaks. I'm thinking that I may want a suspended trike. The ICE Sprint X-Spec offers a fully suspended ride with minimal loss of performance. 

Once I've had a chance to ride the Central Coast roads on my 700 I'll be able to decide if I should add the X-Spec to my stable. For now check out Byran Ball's  review of the X-Spec at Bent Rider.