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Lifeproof iPhone Case

Time to replace the Biologic iPhone case that I've been using on my trike with a Lifeproof case and mount. The Biologic case is designed to be used on a bicycle (or trike) and not as a basic iPhone case that be carried around. When going for a ride, which is about three times a week, I had to take the cover off my phone so it would fit in the Biologic case. Sometimes I just left the cover off after riding which may have contributed to me breaking my iPhone two times. The last time the ole iPhone was beyond repair (even though I tried). In addition the bike mount on the Biologic is poor to say the least.
Enter the Lifeproof case, it stays on the phone and the bike mount is solid. The phone simply snaps into the mount and then locks in place. It's a solid case as well and water proof. It even comes with a water tight headphone adapter. 
I tried it out today on an early morning ride (hot again so I hit the road at 7am). The mount and the phone were totally secure. Initial impres…

Weak Road Design by Weak Minds

These are pictures of a new access road to the new local elementary school. This road is jammed with cars in the morning and afternoon on school days. It's only a few years old and the feeble minds that designed the road didn't allow for cycling to school. There is no safe  room for a bicycle on the road during school hours. The new sidewalk is narrow with enough room for two kids to walk side by side and only inches away from on coming cars on this curving road. Cycling on the sidewalk is a poor option.
It gets worse...the road crosses a new bridge with sidewalks that have even less room to walk on. Once across the bridge kids have to negotiate crossing the street at a blind corner to get to school. Recently the school has been adding rails at the blind corner so kids don't get splattered by cars making a tight turn.
This is a new school with a new road. It's dangerous enough to walk the last quarter of a mile to school, safely riding a bicycle is out of the question.…


Some pics from today's ride. The marine layer from the ocean has cooled things off nicely.

In the Construction Zone

This pic is from last Sunday. It's 7:00AM and I'm riding the new pavement on Agoura Road. No construction today so I ride right down the middle of the closed off area away from any cars that may be out this early on a Sunday. The roads in Agoura Hills have been getting a lot of attention lately with new pavement overlays. It makes for an especially sweet ride when the road grade is on a decline and gravity is your friend. 

No Drugs Please

My joints have been repaired more times then I care to count but I thought I was doing fine and then my heart attack on Christmas day of last year while cycling just pissed me off. Having a heart attack is an opportunity for the drug companies to tell you that your screwed and that you will die unless you take their drugs. 
I remember when I was a young healthy stud and sitting at lunch with my old man and his friend. The friend was telling my dad how good his proctologist is and proceeded to give details. I'm sitting there listening and thinking "man, do I have to listen to this? It's more then I want to know. It seems that all old people talk about is their ailments. I ain't ever going to spend my time talking medical stuff". WRONG! As we get older there are health issues that I feel are worth sharing. The internet"s" is a great for information gathering and I'm going to share my information and thoughts. I'm an "old people" now and…

Another Early Start

The heat is still on! I'm out of here, I hit the road ,without Betzi in tow, before 6:30am.

I ended back at home after a nice 16 mile (1,475 ft gain) ride. As soon as I opened up the garage there's Betzi all excited and ready to take a ride. I'm a sucker for ma doggie so I hitch up her trailer and head back down the hill and take her to the local school for a run. That added another 2 miles (210 ft gain) to my day of riding. I was cozy back at home before the heat of the day started to kick in.

Screw the Heat Gotta Ride

I rolled out of the garage at 7:00am and spent the next two and half hours riding with the heat of the day trying to catch up to me...I won. Betzi and I were back in the garage by 9:30am and the temperature was still comfortable at 83 degrees.  
The last time I cruised the streets on my trusty Catrike was last Friday. I've been waiting out the oppressive heat since I returned from a short family vacation on Tuesday. A week is long enough to go without riding, I start getting in a bad mood. Cycling on three wheels is what keeps me alive both figuratively and literally speaking. Positive thinking, a beautiful wife and kids, good diet and cycling is what stands between me and the drugs that the doctors try to throw at me since my heart attack last year.

The heat was showing no signs of easing up so last night I checked the tires on my ride, hitched up Betzi's trailer and got everything ready for an early start this morning. I got out early and beat the heat, I feel human again. …

Spot Tracker

My beautiful wife Carrie worries about me when I don't return on time. For those who know me know I've given her reason to worry. So I started using mySpot satellite tracker for every ride I take on the Expedition. She can track me on mySpot shared page. I start a new track each time I ride the Expedition. The line between automatic check points is straight and it doesn't show my exact route. At least it shows I'm moving and that's all Carrie wants to know. It gives me peace of mind as well, I don't have to worry about her worrying about me.
Link to mySpot Shared Page
Catrike Expedition rides only UPDATE March 2013:  I upgraded to the next generation SPOT. It's a smaller unit with additional message modes. I like the protective covers over the SOS and Help buttons. After using it for awhile I can definitely say that tracking is more reliable.