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Mileage for June

Not as many rides as I would've liked to take. Sometimes the little nuances of life get in the way.

The Climb...The Thrill...The 700

I suffer the climb so...
...I can get the thrill!!!
Actually I enjoy the meditative quality of climbing the hills. Wisely choose the tunes to play on my mini sound system, set my brain on cruise control, adjust my mirrors and I'm good to climb. I've accumulated 980 miles so far this year and 85,000 feet of elevation gain. I could easily ride south on my rides and accumulate more miles with much less climbing but where's the thrill??!! This old fart still needs a thrill!!! Gotta live!!!
Side Note: I must say it again the Catrike 700 / 20 is an awesome ride!! The only limits on this machine when taking a downhill run are road conditions otherwise it just wants GO!! 

Endura Hummvee Shorts

Here is a short (pun intended) review of the Endura Hummvee Lite Short from a bent up perspective. I've been wanting to take a closer look at these shorts but laying down $80 plus bucks online without knowing what to expect put me off. I stopped in to say hey to Vincent at JRA Bikes & Brew (my post) and while he was on the phone I was wondering around his shop and came across the Hummvees. I bought a pair of the Hummvvee  Lite Short.

Here's what I have to say about Endura Hummvee Lite Shorts...they're exactly what I've been looking for with one minor adjustment required. As bent riders know regular shorts sometimes end up looking like booty  shorts as the wind on fast downhills does it's magic. My first requirement on a pair of shorts is hem adjusters. These shorts have them but on my leg they don't take up enough slack so Carrie shorten the velcro strap and now they do the job. They keep the legs from righting up and do a nice job of keeping the wind from…


JRA Bikes & Brew in Agoura Hills is the newest bike shop in my town of Agoura Hills serving coffee, smoothies and more while getting your bike fixed and looking at bikey merchandise. I have it on good authority that they welcome all, including those who dwell on the dark side...recumbent riders.

Where's Betzi?

Thar she be...with Byron riding in the morning gloom of June.

Hiking with Carrie

Cheeseboro Canyon

Minimizing Risk

I'm back on the road again with the 700. A little boring health issue which deserves no mention here kept me sidelined for a week. Then it took a couple of  extra days more to clear my head after Maria Parker's accident with her support van during the RAAM. 
Cycling incidents always give me reason to pause and examine how safely am I cycling. Under what circumstances should I not compete with a ton of fast moving steel being driven by someone who's driving skill is unknown? When should I opt to take a different route, ride at a different time or change up my routine entirely? Every cyclist should ask themselves "what risk am I willing to take to enjoy a ride, competition or a tour?".  
Unless one has a death wish the goal with any activity is to minimize risk. The perception of risk lies with the individual, and the level of risk that individual is willing accept in any given activity is a personal choice. The first thing I do before I put foot to pedal is to ma…

No Buzzing Cars - Hike Today

With the vision of Mari Parker's RAAM support van trashed I decided to go on hike today. I'll be back on the road again over the weekend.

RAAM 2013 - Maria Parker

At the live RAAM press conference today Maria Parker had to put up with ignorant comments (lawn chair on wheels) from the moderator regarding recumbent bicycles. She handled it very well and nicely corrected him as needed. The video may still be available here. Maria Parker's portion of the interview starts at 15:15 minutes and again at 29:29 minutes.
Race starts tomorrow - support Maria!

RAAM Live tracking all racers

- Maria's personal live tracking at 3000 Miles to the Cure - Where's Maria?

RAAM Leader Board

- Maria Parker's Website 3000 Miles to the Cure


From Maria Parker's 3000 Miles to a Cure Facebook page.

6/13 "Every one is fine, but the van and two bikes are totaled. Will update as we can. Outside tuba city"

6/14 "WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS! Maria wants to get back on the bike and finish what we've started. In the next couple of hours, the crew will meet and outline exactly what we need to make this happen!

Due to damage to the vehicle a…

Solvang Prelude-No Pre Ride Beer Permitted

I emailed the organizers of the November 1st Solvang Prelude a question about trikes. I've heard of some cycling events claiming they are not prepared to provide SAG support for us three wheeled crazies. The Solvang Prelude folks are fine with three wheels, however I must share the response to my question about trikes. No disrespect intended towards Randy and the organizers of what I hear is a great event. It's the well-intentioned comments from traditional cyclists (that out number us  a zillion to one) that provide fodder for our triker humor. It's all in good fun that I post the following:_______________________________________________________________My QuestionYou okay with recumbent trikes riding the Prelude.Response from Solvang Prelude Hi Mark No problem as long as your vehicle does not sway side-to-side. If pedals like any bike............fine. Thx RANDY ICE PT, CCS My Reply Hey Randy, Does that mean no pre-ride beer?  Thank's for getting back to me, see ya. Mar…

Schwalbe Presta Values

Schwalbe Presta Valves have removal cores, make sure these suckers are tight. Three times in as many years I've found a wheel sitting on it's rim with a flat tire. Last weekend when it happened I went through the bother of replacing the tube so I could ride without worry. When I returned from the ride I tested the tube in a bowl of water and watched one little bubble at a time slowly trickle out of the stem. I tighten the core and put the tube back in my vast inventory of tubes.