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Spec Sheet for My ICE Sprint FS E8000


ICE Sprint FS E8000 First Impression

Riding the ICE Sprint FS E8000 is agame changer for me.  Farther, faster and higher.
For the last few years I've set self imposed limits so I wouldn't pay the price of an aggravated piriformis as well as shin cramping due to a partially atrophied calf muscle. I limited myself to 30 miles or 1,000 whichever came first. Anything beyond that and I would risk feeling sore and old. 
With my new ICE Sprint FS E8000 I haven't found my limits. As long as the battery has power I feel as if I can keep on going. I'm about ready to buy a second battery to take on longer rides. Plus I now carry my charger with me. I don't want limits.

I'll have more to say as I continue to explore my limits. For now Larry Varney's review in BentRider pretty much sums up the ICE Sprint FS E8000 with one comment I'd like to add. I ride in an area where avoiding hills is not an option. On a climb where I would be grinding out 3-4mph on my Catrike 700 I can now do an easy 10mph in Boost m…

Picking Up My New ICE Sprint E8000

Dana, owner of Bent Up Cycles, building up my new ICE Sprint E8000.

Piriformis Syndrome...Confirmed

WARNING ... Boring medical stuff about Piriformis Syndrome post hip replacements.
I always suspected I had Piriformis Syndrome but held off confirming it until I was on Medicare. I'm now on Medicare and I'm no longer paying $900 a month (was more before ACA) for shitty health insurance with a $7,000 deductible that forced me to think twice about seeing doctors. 
Thanks to Lyndon Johnson and democratic socialism I now have real medical coverage. So it's now time to take care of a few medical issues. First my aching butt. I always suspected I had Piriformis Syndrome after my 2013 hip replacements. Sure enough a ultrasound confirmed that my Sciatic nerve runs through my piriformis. A condition that only a small percentage of humans have. What makes it worse is that my piriformis is constantly inflamed since having my hips replaced. There is also a  layer of scar tissue on the piriformis from the hip replacements. Maybe that's causing the inflamation? The relief from chron…