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Personal Look Back at 2013

Just another picnic in the park.

My new Catrike 700 / 20 first impression. March Picture from an uneventful week. April New Catrike 700 / 20 vs my old Catrike 700 vs
May Chip seal on Hwy 1, an update. What were they thinking!?

Maria Parker's exciting RAAM

and I took a little time out from triken to take a hike with Carrie

July Adventure Cycling's annual recumbent edition was one of their best recumbent issues. 

August Comparing my Catrike 700 / 20 to my Catrike Expedition  vs
September My opinion of technology and cycling.

October A new right hip for me

November Recumbent Cycle-Con

Supervising Leaf Cleanup

Won't be back on my trike for another couple of weeks but I can still supervise a little gardening.

Titanium Hips

Both hips are now titanium!! As my daughter Leili says...hip...hip...hooray!
It only gets better from here.

Day 2. Relaxing in the hospital bed reading Adventure Cycling Magazine. Thinking of future cycling plans.

Get It Done

The hardest part of recovering from the replacement of my right hip is waiting for my other hip to be replaced. I just want to get it done so I can put the whole double hip replacement process behind me and kick recovery into high gear. Right now I'm in purgatory trying my best to stay active and get strong knowing that on December 23rd I get to go through the whole hip replacement process again on the left hip. But then it will be DONE and then I can put all my effort into getting strong. This in between surgeries is taking it's mental toll.

Game plan....hang tight until December 23rd, let Dr Yun have is way with me and from there on all the pain of recovery will be headed in a positive direction.  "Good pain". When the last hip is replaced the ice packs and the stiffness and pain after each ride will be acceptable. I'm giving myself six months from December 23rd to feel strong and to once again stroke my (soon to be) sixty year old ego passing the properly con…

Busted Front Derailluer


Cyclist Killed on New Road

On December 8th a cyclist was killed after a sheriff's car struck him on Mulholland Hwy in Calabasas, CA. The sheriff seems to be clearly at fault for the cyclists death. But if you look a little closer at the road where the cyclist was killed it seems that the clueless designers responsible for the road configuration should be held accountable. The road in this posh area used to have two lanes of traffic each way. It was recently redesigned down to one lane of traffic each way with generous green belts and a four foot token bicycle lane which includes a one foot gutter. Motorists are left with a twelve foot section of road which also includes a one foot concrete gutter. It's obvious that the planners of this ill conceived design were more concerned about the look of the new roadway in this well do area of Southern California then the safety of cyclists who regularly use this road. This is a new road!! Motorists and cyclists are forced to share a small section of road flanked…

Tricycles are Allowed

A good read from Kyle Bryant's blog regarding new Triathlon guidelines.  USAT Rules: Recumbent Style TricyclesAre Allowed!!

New PC Open Division Guidelines:
“Not all athletes with ADA defined disabilities fit into a Paratriathlon medical classification or are able to follow the strict equipment usage rules of Paratriathlon. Accordingly, USA Triathlon offers a PC Open Division as an accommodation for those persons who wish to participate in a sanctioned event but who will not follow some Paratriathlon rules.” Click here for full text regarding Open Division Guidelines

Afghan Cycles

It's hard to image the personal risk these women accept by simply riding a bicycle.

Click for the Afghan Women's National Cycling Team

Fall Shadows

My rides are still short, 10 to 12 miles, but now I'm doing some hills. Today's ride was 10.8 miles, 825 feet of gain, average of 11.7 mph and a ice pack at the end of the ride for my new hip.

Easy Rides For Now

Yep...I'm riding but not pushing hard. Just taking easy rides on the flats. It's been two months since my right hip replacement. I'm still working on getting strong and working past the aches and pains that linger. It's hard to get motivated to push hard since I'll be having my left hip replaced on December 23rd. It's three days after my 60th birthday and right before Christmas. Happy birthday, Marry Christmas, Happy Holidays and whatever else.  After December 23rd the hips will be done and then it'll be time to kick recovery into gear. For now I'm just enjoying the ride and trying to keep myself in reasonable shape.

RAAM 2014 Jacquie Schlitter

Jacquie Schlitter will be racing RAAM 2014

Click here for Jacquie Schlitter's website and blog & Click here for her Facebook page

2013 Florida 400 mile RAAM Challenge pit stop

Another Saturday Morning at Cheeseboro

Almost every Saturday morning I spend my time as a National Park Service Volunteer at Cheeseboro Canyon. The Canyon has a great system of fire roads, perfect for a suspended trike...if I had one. Soon?

Start Them Young

Biking and walking to school in Portland. A short video by Street Films.

Inaugural TransAm Bike Race

Adventure Cycling's inaugural TransAm Bike Race. Now this is a race, unsupported, only what you can carry or pick up from local businesses along the way. It should be fun to follow. The roster for the event doesn't say what the resgistered riders will be riding. Hopefully there'll be a recumbent or two. 

Road ID eCrumb

My second ride since my right hip replacement. RoadID's eCrumb provides proof of my whooping 3.9 mile ride. I've been doing a lot of spinning in the garage, it's good to feel the wind in my face.
The RoadID eCrumb is a nice, simple and free tracking app.

Recumbent Cycle-Con