Monday, January 25, 2016

Diagnosis - Heterotopic Ossification

Follow up from my last post for my hip challenged triker buds.

It's taking a little longer then planned to get back to pushing pedals. The anti-inflamitories have eased matters up a bit and taking it easy has almost gotten me back to least my version of normal. I'm starting physical therapy in a couple of days with my #1 PT, Custom Physical Therapy. I'll follow the PT up with some easy trik'n.

Final diagnosis...heterotopic ossification in the soft tissue of my right hip. Sorted details for heterotopic ossification here. Now that I'm returning to my former glory the right hip feels the same as it as for the last year. In the end it seems that I'm no worse off than before I stressed out my hip about 4 weeks ago. Again, it was not cycling related, whew.

The x-ray shows my right hip and the offending bits of calcium buildup just above the femur most likely due to inadequate irrigation of the area following hip replacement surgery. Thanks Dr. Yun for the souvenir.