Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daydreaming on the Trail

To get a good full extension of my new hips I need to spend time hiking the trails. I can do three miles comfortably and I enjoy waking under the oaks and checking out the local critters. While on the wide trails of Cheeseboro Canyon I do a little day dreaming.


In my dreams, HP Scorpion 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Have Trike Will Travel

Climbing is not yet an option. From my home there is nothing but hill so I load up my ride and travel down to the flats. No pucker up downhills but it's still nice to be riding.

Getting ready to ride around the lake at Westlake Village. The roads are wide and make for a nice flat ride. On any given weekend you'll find plenty of cyclists riding the roads around the lake. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014


From Jacquie Schlitters RAAM blog

In case you missed the news, the women’s RAAM field has become the largest in its history with what is probably the strongest group of riders ever.  Even better news, recumbents are getting to race head to head with some of the worlds best women DF ultra-racers with no strings attached.  This is the type race recumbent riders have waited for and now the Jac Attack needs our help.  RAAM isn’t cheap and  fund-raising is a must to make sure the Jac Attack has what they need to be competitive.  Recumbent manufactures have recognized the significance of this race and have come together to help.  Cruzbike, Zockra, M5, Catrike, Bacchetta , and Meta Bikes have jumped on the Jac Attack train and become official J-Attack sponsors.  Plans are in the works to provide a fund-raising type raffle offering jac attkrev502five of these high performance bikes and trikes to lucky supporters.    Wait, it gets better! The bikes will be custom fit for the lucky winners by none other than Vite Bikes, the Recumbent Experts.  If you have dreamed of that high-end recumbent, this is your chance to win one of the five bikes and support Jacquie’s historic recumbent attempt at the same time.  Stay tuned, details on this recumbent raffle extravaganza are being finalized and the details will be announced soon.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mixing it Up

Cycling alone is not enough for a full recovery of my new hips. Gotta walk at least every other day. I'm always more then happy to take a hike when not riding on three.

An old ranch house in Cheeseboro Canyon

Yours truly

Monday, January 20, 2014

Doing Laps

My left hip was replaced exactly four weeks from today. Time for my first ride on the road...well I should say on the pavement. I took advantage of the holiday to take some laps in the school parking lot. I went around and around for 3.2 miles. I've lost a lot of strength in my legs. On the positive side, both hips are now replaced and I only get stronger from here. I've been told to expect eight to twelve months for total recovery. This new year will be dedicated to settling in the new hips and building up my strength. Oh the sweet pain of recovery. Ride on!!

MLK Day and the school parking lot is all mine.

Feels good to be moving on my 700.

Carrie waits for me to do a few more laps around the lot and then give me a ride back home. It's to soon to attempt the grind up our hill.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trike to the South Pole

December 2013, Maria Leijerstam sets two world titles on her ICE trike. Read about her quest to reach the South Pole.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Almost Ready for the Road

I plan on getting out of the garage and back onto the road by the end of next week. It's been 19 days since my left hip replacement surgery and nearly four months since having my right hip replaced. I don't have any more hips to replace so it only gets better from here.

Riding the 700 in the garage is sooo much fun. The 700 is hooked up to a CycloOps and sits on top of a few bricks (high tech stuff). Raising the 700 off the ground makes it easier to get into the seat.

This is as far as I can rotate the Everyday a little more. Moving the crank back and forth along with a few choice words not worthy of repeating here makes for a good stretch of the new hip. And hurts so good.