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My Catrike

Catrike Expedition
I usually keep the the bags and panniers on. On family rides I'm the one carrying jackets, extra water, food and of course the picnic blanket. On local rides I'm always prepared to stop at a farmers market.

The bracket on the left is for GPS or any other cool electronic gizmo.

Delta Air Sound air bottle

Delta Air Sound Horn

Pepper spray for the pup that shows its teeth while coming my way.
Dual flag mounts.

I keep a DiNotte light on the trike at all times as a running light. Second lower bracket is for another light for night riding.


After - All lit up with DiNotte lights and alot of reflective tape.

Back From Back Surgery

I just turned 56 and this is what I end up with.

It’s been three weeks since undergoing a double micro, state of the art, surgery for my messed up back. It was worth spending the last two years finding the right doctor as well as trying non-invasive therapy, and taking a break from my back to repair my shoulder. Not pretty but it's my reality.

I’m ready to start cycling again. I’m even good to go with hiking again. And I thought my hiking days were over. What could be better then cycling to a cool trail head and then put on the ole underused hiking boots and step into the backcountry.

My Catrike Expedition has served me well while I was figuring out what to do with my painful spinal column. Now that I’m fixed up and feeling young again I seriously considered getting back on two wheels, recumbent style. I even thought about a traditional diamond frame bike for all of ten minutes. After some serious consideration about riding a recumbent bike, and even bringing one home to try out fo…