Saturday, January 29, 2011

700 for a Ride

I took my Catrike 700 for a fast paced 22 mile ride with a respectable 1,292 elevation gain. It's the first time in a few months that I've been on the 700. It has been set up for my son Byron for the last few months so I've been riding my good ole reliable Catrike Expedition and usually towing my dog Betzi.
I'm not one who usually quantifies enjoying the outdoors but flying on the 700 and getting up to a little over 59mph at one point sure helps my 57 year old ego. It must have been all those 11 mile rides with Betzi in tow and the 891 elevation gain per ride that has put me in better shape then I thought. All this time I thought I was just having fun! The Expedition with all my gear, trailer and Betzi tops out at 115 pounds before I put my butt in the seat. The 700 is 35 pounds when ready to go and has much less rubber on the road.

I felt like I was flying on my 700 without all the extra weight. I passed a dozen DF's with only one youngster in the proper couture passing me. Of course I would have passed him later but I had to make a right least I would like to think that I would have passed him. :)

The Catrike 700 is very stable, fast and nibble with its direct steering. Being low to the pavement with only 2 1/4' inches of ground clearance keeps your center of gravity low, very low.

Sorry Betzi, you'll be riding with me only on weekdays. The weekends are for me, my ego and extra miles.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Cycling California Style

"California dreamin'
On such a winters day"
Temps in the 60's and the sun is shinning.
Doesn't get better!

Top of Lindero Canyon Road

Oak Canyon Park

If Betzi could use my camera I would have her take some pictures of yours truly. Even Border Collies have their limits.

Monday, January 17, 2011

"Bent Up" Family Ride

We woke up to a sunny winter day with temps in the 70"s.
So we loaded up the trikes and went to the Ojai Valley Trail.

Who needs a monster SUV? I can load all our Catrikes on my Ford Escape.
Needless to say we got a few looks. We even had our picture taken by a car load of baby boomers while going 65 on the freeway.

Starting off from Foster Park.

Byron and I stopped by the Ventura River waiting for Leili and Carrie to catch up.

Here comes Leili with Carrie right behind.

Picnic at Libbey Park

Again we stopped at the River on the way back to Foster Park.

Parallel parked along the Ventura River.

I can't get my kids back on a traditional diamond frame bicycle. Going "bent" especially on a trike is just to much fun. Byron may go bent on two wheels later on but for now the Catrike 700 enough fun. The kids are also getting a kick from comments that come from some of the less enlighten cyclists who feel conformity is more important then comfort and fun.
There was a moment when I passed a couple on there DF's with my loaded down Catrike Expedition. Well the guy left his girl friend in the dust as he tried to catch up to me. He passed me as I slowed down to ride along with Byron who was ahead of me at the time. Girlfriend...better start looking for a guy who puts you first before his ego.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Leili gets a Catrike

 Leili gets her Catrike Dash
and she deserves it. She has accomplished much in her 11 years and we're proud of her.

Dana at Bent Up Cycles sets Leili up.
Now its time to hit the Ojai Trail!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Messed Up My Crank

Picture says it all.
The threads on my carbon fiber crank are completely messed up.
Instead of finding and reading a manual to remove the left crank of an FSA SL-K crank, I read a blog post instead that was wrong.  I hung up the screwed up crank where I can see it whenever I do work on my trikes and bikes.
Dana at Bent Up Cycles ordered me a new left crank for $130. Better then buying a whole new crank set for $500.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Ride of the New Year

I started the new year with an 11 mile ride with Betzi in tow. The morning started off in the high 30's and sunny. Cold for Southern California.
Click here for a map of my ride with Betzi