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Rain, Rain, Rain

I'll have to wait until Thursday. Oh well. My 700 will have to stay dry in the garage. With all the rain this season I've had more then enough time to maintain my 700. It's a well maintained trike that's been spending a lot of time in the garage this rainy season.

Central Coast Sunshine

First ride this month. Just two much rain lately. But the sun made it out this morning.

Red Brake Cable Housing

It's raining today, so I did a little trike maintenance. I added a little color to my brakes with red cable housing.

I also replaced the foam grips, hand rests and derailleur cables. The ole 700 also got a good cleaning while it was up on the work stand.

Another Sunny Day

Looking North at Estero Bluffs off Hwy 1 just North of Cayucos