Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's About the Ride Not the Distance

I've never been a milage addict. I ride for the joy and sometimes the thrill but never to just accumulate miles. I don't want to end a days ride exhausted and unable the enjoy the rest of my day. Many of my rides end with a meet up with my wife Carrie at a coffee joint, restaurant or anyplace where the beer is cold and dark. Eventually I throw my trike on top of or in the car and call it day. 

The ride I'm going on February 14th, the Tour de Palm Springs, is no different. I'll be ending the half century ride 14 miles short of the finish and will meet up with my Valentine at a Starbucks.  My stopping point marks the end of the beautiful open desert portion of the ride and starts the final 14 mile ride through civilization with some dicy roads. As usual, after a bagel (maybe a donut) and a cup of tea at Starbucks, I'll throw the trike into the car and head back for cold beer at the event area.

Again, it's about the ride not the distance. Why end a beautiful ride with 14 miles of slogging through city streets?


  1. Good luck on your ride. I hope you have a wonderful time. I would love to know what the bike routes and trails are like around Palm and Desert Hot Springs. We are possibly spending a good part of Winter there next year in our RV. I would love to ride my trike, but won't ride on busy roads. I see via the internet that there are some bike trails but couldn't tell much else. What's it like there? Are there decent bike trails and/or dedicated lanes???

    1. Caryl, I've spent many vacations in the desert but this will be the first time I've enjoyed the desert without a car. I'll report back about the Palm Springs area after the ride.

  2. Looks like good times, Mark. I love your take on the ride. So much we see in the press is all about EXTREME! when few of us will be interested or ever do such events. Of course, an extra 14 miles isn't extreme, but your philosophy is what counts here. Have a great time!