Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trike and Bike

I took Betzi our for a quick spin with my trike. On the way up my hill to get home I let her out of the trailer so she could walk alongside.

When I got home I was all geared up and sweaty and ready to ride some more. I saw my new Bacchetta sitting there and took it out for a little ride. Due to bad gearing on my part I got stuck on the way the hill to my home. It's a 11% grade and it was the first time starting on a hill with a two wheel recumbent. I here all the stories about newbies starting on hills with a recumbent bike and thought about walking. I didn't want to do a code W (wimp) so I gave a firm push on the pedal and did fine. Wasn't exactly a straight line but it was good enough. I think that I may be starting to like being laid back on two wheels. But I'm still taking the Catrike 700 out tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. "Code W." Never heard that before. Climbing on a recumbent is to climbing on a DF as wolves are to lichen: no comparison. You did the right thing by gearing down and just getting up the hill at your own pace. I wouldn't say DFs climb better but it doesn't hurt that they can stand on the pedals. All the power from a bent rider comes from pure muscle contraction. No gravity assists.