Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Fenders

UPDATE 3/1/13: I modified the fenders to accommodate new tires (click here for post).

"Rock solid" is the way Scott Wayland described them to me. Indeed the Green Speed front fenders originally adapted for a Catrike by Dana Lieberman at Bent Up Cycles are solid. The fender system consists of Greenspeed fenders, GS bar ends (that comes with the fenders) and custom handlebar posts (purchased from Bent Up Cycles).
The GS bar ends are cambered and work fine but need to be cut down a bit for perfect alignment. I opted to use straight bar ends that did not need cutting. The installation was easy but required a little time to make adjustments to get everything lined up to my satisfaction.
They performed beautifully on today's ride. Unlike the Catrike specific fenders there was no rattle or going out of line. Catrike fenders are flimsy. The attachment system is a maze of cumbersome metal parts and are easy to bend and become misaligned.
The Greenspeed front fenders on my Catrike are "rock solid".

View from above with computer, Airzound horn (air bottle in the boom bag) and mirror mounted on the left post. iPhone Lifeproof cradle and mirror mounted on the right post.

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