Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boom Clamp Quick Release Change

From my post dated February 10th:
 "As for adjustments, again I must say that the quick release levers on the boom clap just don't do it for me. The boom started to twist a little so I stopped and tighten the clamps and with my heel banged the levers the last few inches to close the boom clamp tight. I'll need to fine tune the boom again. Why not use a nice size hex head bolt that can be tightened properly. Once the boom is set who needs a quick release."

It turned out that replacing the boom clamp quick releases on the 700/20 boom with bolts was simple. All it took was a couple M6x45mm bolts and washers.  The existing quick release nuts can be used with the bolts. On my latest visit to Bent Up Cycles Dana gave me two bolts to try. I ordered more for my other Catrikes from the Bolt Depot.


  1. This make so much sense. How often do we need to adjust/remove the boom? Once the bike/trike is adjusted, set it and forget it. We did this with Jodi's old Catrike road. Guess I should join the club and get rid of the clamps on our current rigs.

  2. With a bolt and using a wrench to tighten the bolt, would there be any danger of aver tightening the bolt and damaging the boom or frame?

    Thanks for the informative blog!

    1. You're actually tightening a large steel housing that surrounds the aluminum boom and frame and it spreads the load. The bolt size is only a 6mm x 45mm x 1.0mm bolt and the existing nut on the quick release can be used. I'm finding that it is more common then I thought to replace the quick release with bolts.