Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kyle Bryant's 700 Stolen

On May 2nd Kyle Bryant's Catrike 700 was stolen. Kyle tells the story in his inspiring blog post.

"My Trike is gone!  It was like someone cut off one of my limbs, or removed a vital organ.  My trike is my freedom.  When I ride, I feel powerful, like I can accomplish anything. When I am on my trike I am not disabled, the sky is the limit."
by Kyle Bryant
Read the entire story here. "Minimize the loss. Focus on moving forward".
Kyle completed the RAAM in 2010 on
his 700 as part of a four man team. 

From Kyle Bryant's Bio Page:
Kyle Bryant is an athlete, speaker and the spokesperson for the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA). Kyle is the founder/director of Ride Ataxia – a nation wide bike ride fundraiser benefiting FARA.

Kyle was diagnosed with FA at age seventeen and found that as the disease progressed he had to give up the sports so interwoven in his life growing up in Northern California; sports such as golf, baseball, basketball and football.  When Kyle’s FA had progressed to a point where it became unsafe for him to continue riding his bike, he put a stop to the loss of the activity he cherished.  He took back control, purchased a recumbent trike, and resumed his riding with passion.

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