Monday, June 2, 2014

RAAM 2014

SOLO Riders Start June 10th.

Jacquie Schlitter will racing in the RAAM with four different recumbent brands. It "may sound unusual but perhaps it’s not as risky as I first thought.  According to Team Jac Attack, Jacquie is wickedly fast on all of them.  Having four different bike choices will give her a lot of latitude if any comfort issues come into play.    That’s my theory anyway.  It will be fun to watch how the four-bike option plays out."


- RAAM Leader board here.
- Live tracking via Tractalis here.

Jacquie has many links. I'll put them all up in order of what seems relevant.
- Jacquie's RAAM Facebook page here
- Jacquie's news page here
Jacquie's personal Facebook page here.
- Buy raffle tickets here. Jacquie is 
 raffling off five different recumbents.
- "3000 Miles to a Cure" Facebook here.
- Jacquie's "3000 Miles to the Cure" webpage here.
- Jacquie's Blog here.



Jacquie drops out race.
Reposted from RAAM Facebook page here.

From John Schlitter: 
"Jackie is ok. Mother Nature won this round. The winds in Kansas took too much out of her. She had to dig so deep to make the Mississippi cutoff. I screwed up the the recovery sleep plan and it left us in the hole. This make it difficult to to take advantage of the Illinois and Indiana friendly terrain where she could have let it rip. It came down to killing herself to get close or be smart and pull the plug. Life is too short to take too far. As for the bike drawing we will talk with Maria Parker tomorrow and let everyone know the plan. Jacquie is so grateful for everyones love and support."

RAAM race video. Jacquies segment starts at minute 1:30 and ends at 5:54. 


Jacquie is off. Watch her start.

- Jacquie Schlitter at the Race Across America Press Conference June 9, 2014
"I have just the most incredible group of caring and supporting individuals here, just very lucky. And we're here to support 3000 Miles to a Cure which is a brain cancer research charity that Maria Parker started last year during her RAAM. My goal is to continue to raise funds for this charity. It's very important and dear to my heart. My husband lost his sister earlier this year and Maria's sister is still struggling with brain cancer right now."  

Video interview

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