Friday, August 5, 2016

Keep Riding

As I sit here drinking my morning tea and nursing sore hips after doing do much lifting and assorted other chores associated with moving to Cambria I'm thankful more then ever for my Catrike 700. Riding my 700 and riding fast is pretty much all I got that keeps me active and physical. It's the only thing that keeps me tolerable for my beautiful wife. 

I need to be active or dead. When my time comes to check out, whether it's tomorrow or thirty years from now, those fools who love me know that I have no intention of slowly fading away lying down in a bed. Living a physical life has taken it's toll but it's the way I choose to live regardless. Hip replacements, back repair, shoulder repair, knee repairs and assorted other shit is all forgotten as I ride. As long as I can hit the road on three fast wheels I know I'm still alive. 


  1. ALL recumbents do NOT belong on any road in the USA. They are dangerous and the idiots riding them are retards with defective brains. Lot of recumbent riders end up in the hospital when they cause a traffic accident by NOT paying attention with ultra fatigue lizard brain. Recumbent ultra cyclists all belong in hell as they are the worst of all mankind. Anyone stupid enuff to ride a recumbent best keep it off all roads PERIOD!

    1. I'M KEEPING THIS COMMENT ON MY BLOG! The comment from "ANONYMOUS" illustrates the ignorance and vile some people can spew while hiding under the label of "anonymous". Although anonymous's hateful generalizations are striking and fails to make a rational point I still find this rant humorous in it's pitiful disconnect from reality. Anonymous's comment seems to be a sign of the time when hate, bigotry and every other form of human sludge has been encouraged to come out of the shadows.
      Enough said, time to take my "lizard brain" for a ride.

  2. Ann', You must have been schooled by an old guy on a recumbent or you are just an insecure person sterile from having a carbon fiber seat pounding you in the backside day after day after day. I too would be angry if my bum felt like I was the most popular person in cell block C.