Monday, October 30, 2017

Event Rides and Salad

As a vegetarian since 2011, primarily for personal health reasons, I've learned that a vegetarian menu can be just as hearty and varied as a meal that includes meat.  Look no further then Indian food for great vegetarian meals. A vegetarian menu in the United States is considered to be a salad, veggie burger and now oversized mushrooms. 

And then there is the cycling event rides where the end of the ride meal for us non-meat eaters is usually a lettuce salad with a beard roll, usually stale. A sizable portion of the event fee is allocated to the food. Food that doesn't satisfy us vegetarians.  No wonder I avoid signing up for event rides. When I'm done riding I want a real meal so in the past I've brought my own food to an event ride.

Restaurants and events haven't figured how to prepare good non-meat meals. Sometimes it's hard for them to figure out how to put together a decent meal of any kind.

I know event rides have other draws besides food. Charity support and socializing to name a couple. BUT no matter what your food preferences happen be, good food at the end of a ride is right at the top of the list of reasons to do an event ride.

Final musing. Why is it that at a BBQ serving a veggie burger option, they always run out of veggie burgers when there were more then enough veggie patties to feed the herbivores? 

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