Saturday, May 5, 2018


Moving to a new home takes time and effort. In addition we're getting work done on the new house before moving in. No time right now for trike'n. Hopefully in a couple weeks we'll be settled in to our new home and I can get back out on the road.

It's a short move from the coast of the Central Coast to the Central Coast wine country. But it's a whole new world of riding opportunities.

Can't wait to get this over with.


  1. Whoa, another move! Going to the Paso Robles area? Congrats wherever.

    1. Yup, El Paso de Robles. A lot a easy going wine country roads to explore. And still close to the coast when the mood hits for a ride along HWY 1.

    2. Nice move. One of our fav tours starts in Paso. Also, we got our new dog there in Jan. Enjoy.