Saturday, May 25, 2019

ICE Sprint FS E8000 First Impression

Riding the ICE Sprint FS E8000 is a game changer for me. 
Farther, faster and higher.

For the last few years I've set self imposed limits so I wouldn't pay the price of an aggravated piriformis as well as shin cramping due to a partially atrophied calf muscle. I limited myself to 30 miles or 1,000 whichever came first. Anything beyond that and I would risk feeling sore and old. 

With my new ICE Sprint FS E8000 I haven't found my limits. As long as the battery has power I feel as if I can keep on going. I'm about ready to buy a second battery to take on longer rides. Plus I now carry my charger with me. I don't want limits.

I'll have more to say as I continue to explore my limits. For now Larry Varney's review in BentRider pretty much sums up the ICE Sprint FS E8000 with one comment I'd like to add. I ride in an area where avoiding hills is not an option. On a climb where I would be grinding out 3-4mph on my Catrike 700 I can now do an easy 10mph in Boost mode on the ICE Sprint E8000 while barely breaking a sweat. Even at 12mph it's easier than 3mph on my 700. On climbs is where the E8000 truly proves itself. On Saturdays I may take a detour or two to check out a garage sale even if I have to climb.

Love this trike and I don't use the word love often for material stuff. It's serious fun.

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