Sunday, June 6, 2010

Failed Brake

I took my new Catrike 700 out for a maiden voyage. Rolled out of my garage and started down the hill. I got it up to 43 mph. After a quarter of a mile I had to slow down at the intersection. Immediately the braking noise from my right brake was deafening and the smell of a brake burning filled the air. Needless to say my maiden voyage in my new 700 lasted all of a quarter mile.

The brake pad had a slight rub before starting off. I thought that after a few stops it would wear in. Wear it in I did.

I don’t know if the pad was defective or seated poorly before my quarter mile run but this is how the pad looks now.

Replaced the pads and inspected the rotor. I'm not 100% sure about the rotor.

(7/6/10 update - Had to replace rotor because it was to deeply etched and it was still causing some problems. Working fine now.)

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