Friday, May 20, 2011

Short, Fast and Sweet Ride

I had a small window of time to take a ride this morning before having to move onto other activities for the day, so I took a short 10 mile ride on the 700. The old hip is recovering nicely. Even after having to stop at four red lights on the downhill I averaged 15 mph over 770 feet of elevation gain. 
I had hip surgery April 7th and started riding on the road again May 11th. This is my 4th ride since Dr. T repaired my hip. After every ride I pay for it with a bit of increased hip pain that lasts for awhile. In the long haul it will pay off.

Riding without pulling Betzi in her trailer behind my Expedition feels like flying.

Sorry girl, I'll take you next week. Tomorrow it's just me and the 700 again.

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