Monday, June 6, 2011

Lighthouse Century

I signed up for the Lighthouse Century  (Lighthouse Century) for September 24th, 2011.

It's a ride along the central coast from San Luis Obispo to Cambria, Ca. I love this part of the California Coast. Obviously other folks also like this part of the coast because the ride sells out within a few hours. The only way to be part of the ride and it's support is to wait until someone wants to sell there spot on the Lighthouse Century transfer sight. 

Now the only decision that I have to make is whether to ride the "flat" 100 mile century or the "hilly" metric century. The "hilly" metric century is the front runner. The climb may be a little tough but the downhill on hwy 46 would be too much fun to pass up. Or...I should do the "hilly" 100 mile century? Time will tell. (Lighthouse Century routes)

Estero Bay with the Family 
Just North of Cayucos and South of Cambria
This is typical of the coastline along the route of the Lighthouse Century

Update August 2011 - I sold my reservation to the Lighthouse Century because of my a scheduled hip surgery. Next year.. 

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