Monday, July 4, 2011

Odds and Ends Fixes

My water bottles have been trying to work their way out of these fancy Bonrager composite material (plastic) water cages on both my Expedition and 700. More so on the 700 because of faster speeds and less cush over rough pavement. So I replaced them with the more standard Bonrager "hollow 6061-T6 aluminum tube" cages. You can make anything sound cool with the right description.




Note: The cages are mounted to the frame using a Catrike Rack Adapter Kit from the Hostel Shop. That and a piece of old tube secure the cages nicely in place.

Next Fix
The Airzound horn on my Expedition has a lousy mounting system. It's a great horn and I wanted to keep it. Simple fix...I used a, DiNotte lighting, large rubber O-ring to hold it in place. Works fine and comes off easily when necessary. 

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