Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Another Sunday Ride

It's been a week since I last rode (I had to let the tattoo heal). I took my usual weekend 34 mile ride with over 2,000 feet of gain. I averaged over 14 miles per hour. Nothing to brag about but it was a respectable average with a 2,000+ gain. The best thing about climbing is going back down. My maximum speed was 50mph. It's not my fastest, I can only spin up to 40 mph and then it's all gravity after that. I need bigger hills! Regardless it feels incredibly stable on the 700. With the 700's low center of gravity and with me sticking my big ole head way outboard I can keep good speed in the curves. I can't imagine that there is any trike that can perform better at speed. 

I had nothing better to do then take these pictures of my 700 while taking a break and chomping down on a power bar. 

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