Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Grumpy Grandpa Needs to Ride his Tricycle

I know that it's time to take a ride when I start getting "grumpy". I let the wind that we've being experiencing here in So Cal get the better of me and I haven't been on a ride for the last 5 days. Wind or not I was going riding today. I woke up to silence...yea no wind. Being an early riser I woke up to early morning darkness and 32 degree weather. The stars were shining and I knew that it would be a good day regardless of the temperature.  I waited until the sun popped out and the temperature warmed up to a cozy 42 degrees before starting today's ride. As my ride progressed a breeze picked up but nothing that a "real man" can't handle.

The Simi Hills as seen from Thousand Oaks are behind me.

The endorphins kicked in and I'm feeling good and now Carrie will let me back in the house. Being active and getting outdoors is the best drug for what ails ya. 

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