Sunday, February 19, 2012

To the Market

It's Sunday...I want to ride...and I have to go to the market. So I rode to the market. I don't know why I didn't ride to the market before today. It's only a 15 mile round trip. I stretched it out to 20 miles with 1,042 foot gain and an average 11+ mph. I also have planned out a route that will take me on a 25 mile ride with an 1,800 foot gain which makes for a better ride.

I'm guilty of not taking advantage of my love of cycling to get out of the car and do some errands. It seems like we get into such a routine that we go into auto drive when taking care of our regular chores. With the big cavernous Ortlieb panniers that I keep on my Expedition I can load up with a consider amount of groceries. I also put together two large stuff sacks that I can hang from the side of the trike when needed for extra stuff. 

Pedaling up our hill headed for home with my panniers full of enough groceries for the week to feed six people. 

Where to next? How many others errands can be done without fossil fuel?

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  1. Hey, Mark: The errand running will become addictive. I love getting practical things done via bike/trike.