Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nice Ride No Cramp

It's been a little over a week since I've been on the trike. Taking a vacation takes it's toll on cycling time. It's good to be on the road again. It takes a few rides to get my mojo back after having a ride ending leg cramp back on April 1st (Leg Cramps.)  This is only my second ride since then. Every little twang or different feeling in my legs while riding makes me think "cramp". In the nearly three years that I've been riding a recumbent trike I can remember only having had two real full blown leg cramps and a couple that I managed to mitigate before they blew up on me. I shouldn't worry so much. Regardless it's still on my mind but I'll get past it with time.
My research on the subject of muscle cramps and how it relates to my personal situation is interesting. On the 23rd I'll be visiting my doctor to once again review my blood work and to make sure it looks good relative to keeping my arteries free and clear. At that time I'll take advantage of all the blood that has been pulled out of me over the last few months to take a look at my electrolyte levels related to muscle contractions. Later in April I'll have more information to share about muscle cramps with my fellow "cramp challenged" cyclists. 
Why does a muscle cramp have to happen on a busy street where wincing in pain is not cool? 

Almost home
The last third of a mile up hill to my home. My son Byron will sometimes meet me coming up the hill . He took this pic.

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