Monday, April 15, 2013

Traffic Buzz..Need a Break

There's about 20  miles of good riding I can do from home, beyond that (unless I want to go in circles) I have to include some roads that are less then inspirational. You know...roads with no bike lanes on crowded streets, three lane road that have been jammed into a road designed for two lanes and leaving a token bike lane that is half gutter and half pavement. On some of these less then desirable roads taking the lane is the only option to avoid getting squeezed, which of course doesn't always sit well with some of the yahoos who feel empowered behind the wheel of their one ton lethal weapon. Mind you I say some, most motorists tolerate me and are courteous.

I need to clear the traffic buzz from my brain and get a change of scenery that doesn't require constant vigilance. Time for a hike where I can hear the critters and the not cars. 

Hiking Cheeseboro Canyon's time to get out of town and visit the Ojai Trail for some quiet riding.

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