Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cateye Wireless Computer Flaw

My Cateye wireless computer maximum speed reading has been giving me unrealistically high readings on many of my rides. Time to get wired?

The CatEye Knowledgebase website has this to say about the interference problem:

"Why is my maximum speed unrealistically high?

The unusual maximum speed readout that you are incurring is due to the cordless computer unit registering interference from an outside electrical field. Sources of such fields include RR crossings, power lines, security systems, radio towers, home computers, televisions, radios, cell phones, garage door openers, high intensity discharge lighting systems, etc. When all speed related functions are accurate except maximum speed, this is almost certainly the case, as cordless/wireless models manifest such reception of outside interference as an abnormal max speed readout as described. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this, as the FCC requires electronic devices such as bike computers to accept all such outside interference."

Update 8/19/13
With a little trial and error I noticed that the max speed would have an erroneous reading at certain intersections after riding over the signal sensors. My receiver on my recumbent trikes are mounted about 18" off the ground on my handlebar bringing it well within range of the street embedded sensors. I'm guessing that is where the problem lies. I know that there are different types of sensors used to monitor intersections but I'm not going to spent anymore time figuring it I'm wired and no problems.


  1. Weird. I've always gone wired--less expensive and one fewer battery to worry about. You'll never look back. Are you SURE those high speeds aren't just you being uber rad?

    1. Uber rad...yep that's me but keep it a secret.