Saturday, August 17, 2013

Expedition Today

I don't usually take the Expedition on a ride without Betzi but when I do go solo I get to push the beast a little harder and I get to appreciate the comfort and sturdiness of the Catrike Expedition. Even without suspension the Schwalbe Marathon Plus 20 x 1.75 (47/406) tires on the front and the Marathon Plus Tour 26 x 1.75 (47/559) tire in the rear makes for a comfortable ride on the road. The tires are rated at 45-70psi, I pump'm up to 55psi.

I would say that I'm up to 20% slower on the Expedition compared to the 700. Keep in mind my brain is in tourist mode when riding the Expedition which accounts for some of the loss in speed. 

Unlike the 700 which is not geared for serious climbing the Expedition is geared to climb with ease. If the rear wheel has traction I can climb it. No wobble factor on a trike just sit back, grind and watch the world go by at two miles per hour.

The most enjoyable and pleasant rides are on the Expedition but for an adrenaline fix there's nothing like the 700 and gravity on a long downhill. I usually don't know what I'm going to ride until I clear the morning cobwebs out of my head.

Granny gear time...sit back and enjoy.


  1. If you could only afford one would it be the 700 or the expedition?

    1. I started to give an answer but it was getting long so I just put up a post on my blog.