Sunday, September 22, 2013

Catrike 700 Weigth

 Stripped (as it would come from the dealer with upgrades added) the 700 weighs in right at 29 lbs.

The "ready to ride" weight with the side bags and extra ride necessities (for me at least) the 700 gets beefed up to 38.5 lbs. This is before water, food, iPhone and me.

Note: As of  February 2014 I've eliminated some of the "necessities", permanently put on the front light and put on hand rests. The "ready to ride" weight now comes in at 37.8 pounds.

Inventory of accessories and supplies that bring the total weight up to 38.5 lbs.
Catrike Bags
DiNotte rear light with 4 cell lithium battery
Two accessory mounts on handle bars with two mirrors, wired Cateye computer and phone cradle.
Water cages
Brake strap

Stored under the seat:
   Two 406 tubes
   Two 622 tubes
   Three plastic tire irons
   Patch kit for tubes
   Multi tool
   Mini Leatherman knife with pliers
   Small length of chain
   Two Quick Links
   Quick Links pliers
   Latex gloves
   Piece of wire to help with chain repair
   Small rag
   Two DiNotte large O rings for whatever
   Utility strap

Stored in Catrike Bag:
   First aid

The Catrike Bags have plenty of room left for food and the typical high tech cyling cold weather gear.

Stored under the seat.

Stored in the Catrike side bag.

1.6 pounds of stuff (included in the above pictures) that I could eliminate from normal daily rides but I won't. I like to be prepared even though realistically I could call Carrie to bail me out.

Add another 0.5 pounds when the headlight and 2 cell lithium battery are on the 700. Putting the headlight on is dependent upon riding conditions. 
Add another 0.8 pounds for those days when tunes are a necessity. The Braven speaker and the bottle cage (that the speaker fits perfectly into) are mounted on the boom.

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  1. Yeah, scary how the weights add up. I'd like to get a hanging scale for our rigs, but I think I'm too terrified at what I would find out. My Expedition has to be WAY north of forty pounds. Gulp. No wonder it was so hard to pedal them Rocky Mtns.

    But damn, bro, that is one sexy ride!